World of Ultima Official Modpack: Beta 1.1 released

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World of Ultima

The wait is over! Beta 1.1 has successfully migrated to Dropbox. The doorway to the World of Ultima has been reopened. Enjoy!


. . . .

Greetings fellow adventurers!


Whatever your background; a blacksmith, a baker, or a farmer . . .

a teacher, a sage, or even a professional adventurer . . .


Explore a variety of lands, take a portal to the Aether or enter Middle Earth. Establish a homestead in the wilderness, grow an extensive farm, and start a family. Pillage dungeons for the wealth of the past, perfect the art of the Thaumaturge from your private study, or become a part of a great civilization in the incredible World of Ultima.


Be the author of your own future. Where will your destiny lie?


Listed beneath are the attractions that have made the World of Ultima a magnet for wanderlust:


Core content mods:

Thaumcraft 4

- Thaumic Tinkerer

- Thaumic Exploration

- Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

- Thaumcraft Inventory Scan

- Thaumcraft Magical Decoration

Tinker's Construct

- Tinker's Steelworks

Minecraft Millenaire

Pam's HarvestCraft


Minecraft Comes Alive


World creation mods:

The Aether: Genesis of the Void

The Lord of the Rings

Biomes O'Plenty

Chocolate Quest (Better Dungeons)

TF2 Teleport Mod (A reasonable way to cut traveling time without cheating)


Building, decoration, and aesthetics mods:

Carpenter's Blocks


- Bibliowoods: Biomes O'Plenty

Mr. Crayfish furniture


Underground Biomes

Hats mod

Back Tools


Utility mods:

Not Enough Items

Inventory Tweaks

Damage Indicators



Check out the Technic Pack post and enter the World of Ultima today.

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