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Enter a world where the only limits are your imagination. Follow your paths down Magical or Technical lines. Dig deep into the mines with your friends on our Official Server, while battling it out with other clans and enemies! Build a base knowing it is safe from griefers and stealers.

Advanced Wizardry is a mod pack based on the theory of Tech and Magic clashing. Whose force is stronger? Matter cannons and nukes? Or spells that kill anyone or anything? Join us on our Official Server where you will be greeted by our dedicated players and staff team. Donate and Vote for our server to gain extra perks and items! There really are no limits! Join us today to start your adventure!



Our Rules:

1 - No Griefing
2 - No Spamming
3 - No Caps
4 No Character Spamming
5 - No Advertising
6 - No Disrespecting
7 - No Additional Mods
8 - No Abusing Glitches
9 No Asking For Ranks
10 - No Inappropriate Links
11 - No Inappropriate Language
12 - Use Common Sense!

Download Our Pack:

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Advanced Wizardry is an awesome mod pack with lots of great mods. The staff team are kind and helpful, and interact with the rest of the community like a normal player would. The community is welcoming to all new players and everyone does their best to help each other out. The server is run professionally and efficiently by the excellent staff team. All of the mods link together perfectly to create an experience that any one with an interest for modded servers will enjoy. The server is constantly growing and getting new updates. I would definitely recommend downloading and checking out the server for yourself! Great job by the development team in pulling the server together. Hope to see you online soon! 

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I have been having problems with loading this mod pack. It goes though the first 6 of 7 steps of initialization, but keeps getting stuck at LanguageManager in the 7th initialization step. Someone help please, I would really like to play this pack.

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      Promotional Trailer:
      Join us for a unique server experience that allows mature players to get the best they can out of MineCraft’s original purpose: BUILDING & Adventure! DreamCraft2.0 is a Modded Towny Survival Server run by Caveman2001 and Kalleigh6694, husband and wife Minecraft/Towny fanatics! This modpack/server is for the mature player who wants to put in the time conquering Pam's HarvestCraft, Hunger OverHaul & Spice of Life before embarking on an ever-expanding map filling up with puzzles, quests and adventure ... to start a town with the best protections available! Yes, there is tech but it has been "tweaked" to push the limit of creativity as players move through the game!
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      Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/atomic-aether 
      This is a pure survival server. Work together or kill each other, the choice is yours. Our world centers around a central hub with portals to many dimensions already there for you. Protect your base with ftbutils mod. The overworld has been pre-generated a bit to reduce lag, and there is no world border so feel free to explore. There are no teleport commands. Server is hosted on a spare computer in basement, so someone is usually around to fix any downtime.
      Server IP: 
      Server Rules: 1 Griefing and PvP are allowed just not on other players claims.  
      2 No redstone, or other devices that cause network lag and major frame rate drops.  
      3 No xraying or other cheating mods.  
      4 Claims and rftools dimensions will be removed if you're not seen in here for a while.  
      5 Don't surround other claims with your own or claim any portals around the spawn.  
      Banned Items: (Subject to change!) 
      Additional Pipes: Chunk Loader
      Advent of Ascension: All portals (We have a portal hub.), Ancient Teleporter Blueprint, Runandor Blueprint 
      DivineRPG: Arcana Portal, SnowGlobe, Twilight Clock 
      Extra Utilities: Dark Portal, Last Millennium Portal 
      JABBA: Dolly, Diamond Dolly 
      Lycanites Mobs: Demonic SoulCube 
      Minecraft: Nether Portal (We have a portal hub.) 
      MineFactoryReloaded: Chunk Loader, Plastic Bag, Sacred Rubber Sapling 
      Thaumcraft: Excavation wand, Portable Hole wand 
      Witchery: Poppet Shelf
      UpTime: As 24/7 as can be, with daily backup and restart.
    • By SteeI
      Back then around 2013 there was a mudpack called business elite. It had 100s of players until one day it had died. Most people don't know that now the mod pack has been recreated. And you should really check it out. It contains about 100 mods and is focused on tech and some magic, It has mods such as enderio, mechanism, AE and more. It also has an official PVE/PVP server. Come check it out if you want to.
      If you wanna check it out the link is
      Deadpool sends his chimichangas
    • By MrSleeeeve
      So this is just a small server that uses one of the best mod packs I've ever found. It's ran off of a server I built and maintain, so I cant really guarantee anything, but I will try whatever I can to make sure its not terrible. It should be up pretty much 24/7 unless there's a power outage / (hopefully) planned maintenance. So far its just me and a few friends that play. I am looking for players who want to be a part of a cool lil' community. PvP is enabled, but pretty frowned upon, we just want to play to build and have fun. It uses the pack linked below, with a few additional admin-y type mods. Like ServerTools, MyTown, and Opis. Nothing is disabled but, but MyTown is there just in case.
      The Rules:
      1) Don't be a dickhead.
      2) If you don't understand what that means you don't belong on the server.
      Server Info:
      Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902
      Host: PM me or reply to this thread if you're interested, and I'll white-list you. (if this isn't allowed let me know)
      Port: Default