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- Welcome to Panda Networks Tekkit Legends -

Owner >> TSP_Panda


Panda Networks Tekkit Legends server IP >>

Panda Networks Website >> PandaNetworks.enjin.com


As Tekkit enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the necessity for the raw gameplay of the modpack with minimal impedance, and the sadness of not being able to find others to enjoy our same passion! That's why we're glad to offer an incredibly minimalistic ban list which improves the community's experience without sacrifising the integrity of the Tekkit gameplay. As a member of our network, you can expect:


► Lag free gameplay ◄

► Near-to-none list of banned items ◄

► Discord server equipped with a music bot ◄

► A staff team devoted to helping you with any issue ◄

► Wonderful play atmosphere and a close-knit player community ◄


With Panda Networks as your server, the possibilities are limitless. Build to your hearts content, explore, share, trade, and build relationships with fellow players.

We stand for a gameplay that's as enjoyable as possible, make sure to join us so we can share our passion with you, the Tekkit Community.


As enthusiasts, we just want to play the game as we sure you do too, though we can't proceed without setting some ground rules.


► Use Common Sense, be mature ◄

► Keep chat clean, no swearing ◄

► Refrain from circumventing the chat filter ◄

► Do not disrespect or antagonise our staff members ◄

► Do not ask others for free items ◄

► No griefing or raiding even in unclaimed land ◄

► Don't spam chat ◄

► Don't ask for a staff position or OP ◄

► No drop parties ◄

► No underpricing items (hurts the economy) ◄

► English is necessary in main chat ◄

► No duping items ◄

► No political debates ◄

► Do not impersonate staff or other players with /nick ◄

► Your nickname must be your real name or related to your IGN ◄

► Your nickname must be under 16 characters and contain no special characters ◄

► No excessive use of caps ◄


*Phew* Now that that's over with.. we have a bit more to get through:


► As per the title, we haven't removed any major mods.. or any mods for that matter :)


Banned Items?

► Entire quiver-bow mod ◄

► Explosives such as: nukes/Industrial TNT/Nova Catalyst/Nova Cataclysm ◄

► Durability EMC Farms (Hurts Eco) ◄

► Mining Turtles (of all variations) ◄


Major Plugins?

Well of course we have the.. ESSENTIALS! (Haha it's a pun) *Slow Clap*


► PandaUtils ◄

► Essentials ◄

► Coreprotect ◄

► Worldguard ◄

►Worldedit ◄

►Questioner ◄

►World Edit ◄

► Towny ◄

► Multiverse ◄

► Griefprevention ◄

►PlotMe ◄

►Autorank ◄

►Groupmanager ◄

►Vault ◄

►Holographic Displays ◄


We gladly boast a 24/7, 7 days a week up-time


We would love to see players that love Tekkit join the server and share the same love for Tekkit that we have. We currently have great, close community that is glad to help each other out, and we're looking to expand this wonderful sense of commune.


The server is non-whitelist (AKA Open) and greylist information needed for the staff process is located on our website


Thank you for letting us share our passion for Tekkit Legends with you, we guarantee you'll enjoy your stay.






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Tekkit Legends Discussion is just that, discussing Tekkit Legends.

Server advertisement goes in Tekkit Legends Server section.

I can see how that is very confusing, one having the word discussion and the other server....


Moved to correct section

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Posted (edited)

2 hours ago, Munaus said:

Tekkit Legends Discussion is just that, discussing Tekkit Legends.

Server advertisement goes in Tekkit Legends Server section.

I can see how that is very confusing, one having the word discussion and the other server....


Moved to correct section

Your sarcasm makes you fit to wear the face of Arnold J Rimmer, lol. Thanks for moving it to the appropriate section.

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Thank you blood for making this post for us! :D

Update guys. we are working on PandaUtils as it is a big plugin it will bring lots of different features. If you'd like anything added please ask!

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Update: We have just added PvP Toggle! No more PvP confined areas!

/pvpToggle - Toggles PvP

This will not allow players to attack you if theirs is true and yours is off. Both players must have PvPToggle on..

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