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Launcher couldnt start modpacks



The last time I used the launcher was a few months ago. Today I wanted to play a modpack again but when I press play the launcher disappears and reappeares in the next moment without any game starting. I tried to reinstall the launcher and the modpacks. I also reinstalled Java 7 because Java 8 cant run the older modpacks, but it still doesnt work.

Please help.

Many greetings, Henrik


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      Ok so technic launcher won't run minecraft at all when i put more than one gb
      it just reloads the modpack screen And also i have 3gb available but im doing 2 or 1.5 GB and its doing the same thing
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      So I launch Attack of the B-Team but it shows mojang and then it just crashes, if you know what to do please let me know! Thanks!
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      This is a paste from my console, I tried figuring it out myself & learned some things about Java to do so. Although in the end I'm too stupid to understand the problem(s).
      Send help <3
      I'm running this on Windows 10, 4 GB dedicated to the launcher, 2.5 Ghz (Intel i5) processor & I've a feeling there may be conflicts due to my graphics processor (Intel(R) HD Grapics).
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