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    • By Benisawesome192
      When Attack of the B-team tries to install it pops up with an error,
      Thanks, Ben
    • By Thorns_
      My game crashes when I try to load a singleplayer game or join a server
      Here is the crash log:
    • By Minecrafter805
      I have just started a tekkit space server(version 1.2.9g) with Minecraft version 1.6.4. I set up everything according to a YouTube video and all the port forwarding and things went smoothly after that i have been able to login to the server so all is well with that part. The point of this post is plugins...i have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to install them. It has been out of date tutorials, errors and so fourth....So can someone explain to me how to install plugins and get things going or link me to a video/tutorial? I plan to use world edit, gold shovel claiming, shop plugins, essentials, etc...I have found a way using mcpc plus but it says i have to use java 7 not java 8 and i have tried countless times with any method i have found and either it is so far out of date, doesn't work or something along those lines so please help...
    • By Raghar
      Hello there,
      firstly, before you burn me like a witch I will say this:
      I've been trying to install it for last 3 hours, I've tried the method listed here. I've tried sponge/mcpc/bukkitforge. I've tried whole loads of things I do not understand. I've read pinned topics for it here and there, honestly I am just tired and about to give up.
      So now that's our of the way.
      Yesterday I've decided to setup server (for me and some friends, nothing big) of Tekkit Lite. Surprisingly I've managed that!
      After a short while we realised that we need some commands available to everyone, but we do not want everyone to be op. That would be too dangerous.
      Basically we figured that we want everyone to have teleport commands plus maybe like /home /spawn, some real real basics.
      In my search for granting ability of using commands I have found that what I need are plugins (am I wrong here? Is there simpler way)
      And so now I am completely stuck trying to install those plugins. I propably just need someone to point out my mistake, or just send me correct way.
      So, this is what I have been doing to install plugins:
      1. Extract tekkit lite server zip
      2. Run server for the first time.
      3. Stop server after it is completely done loading and creating.
      4. Copy and paste bukkitforge1.4.7.jar to coremods folder.
      5. Create plugins folger
      6. Try running server>
      7. This shit appears =[  <Here is a pastebin of serverlog of when I tried to run with bukkitforge>
      And basically I've tried that with many other forms of forge like mcpc or sponge.
      I also tried the other way around (extract server, add bukkitforge, then run for the first time - didn't work either, had similar texts in log appear)

      Thx in advance for help, I would really love to play some tekkit lite with my friendos =]
      Cheers, Raghar
      P.S.: Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker
      P.S.2: I would gladly accept files of working server with plugins (in case helping me install those won't work)
    • By t0rched
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