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[3.1.2] Tekkit CommunityCraft [NonPVP][40 Slots][No Banned Items]

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Community Craft


My old server died, so I decided to make a new one. With a new topic and new players. CommunityCraft is back!

CommunityCraft is a whitelisted Tekkit Classic server that allows player to play Tekkit in a peaceful environment without having to worry about other players griefing, killing, raiding etc. In order to get whitelisted on this server you will have to answer the template down below.



-No Griefing, PvP, Raiding etc.

-No banned items, so the only limitation is your imagination

-Be friendly

-Even though World Anchors are allowed, try to keep it to a minimum to prevent lagg


  1. Minecraft name:
  2. What is your age?:
  3. What is your motivation?:
  4. Any other information to add?:


Happy Crafting! :)

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