Custom Modpack crashes because of Industrialcraft 2 machines!

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For starters, I couldn't find a suitable topic to put this under - sorry!

Hello. i have created a modpack for me and my friends called "Memecraft Official Pack". It has many mods, and has been working fine until recently. My friend is hosting the server and I made the modpack. When I do certain things with Industrialcraft 2 machines, my  game crashes. I had an automatic loop set up with pipes including one macerator and two electric furnaces. Using this ore processing loop causes my game to crash (when I turn it on). If I use a wrench on a wooden pipe, I crash, and the following crash report was because I destroyed a copper cable. Please help! What on earth is going on, how do I fix this?

For some reason, the upload is failing - I will have to copy and paste this into something else -

Thanks in advance for any help I receive!

I think this is sorted now- it is because my chunk loading was set to ANYTHING OTHER THAN DEFAULT. Hope this helps someone else!

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