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May I proudly present you..

MineFriendly, the most friendly, welcoming, loving and most caring server you've ever seen in your entire Minecraft career!


I will say in all of the servers I had played in my time on pc, from modded large ones to vanilla, all the way to the smaller more abandoned servers, I've never seen such a friendly and player-supportive community, the staff are amazing, everyone co-operates nicely. If I was to recommend any server, it would be this one, especially if you enjoy a laid back but slightly difficult mod pack, they make a very interesting use of mods I never heard of before and made it the basis of the mod pack, it is all an amazing work of art and I can't applaud them enough.


We run a modded server that also includes SpongeForge to add plugins towards the server aswell. I'm the head operator of the staff team together with MineFriendly himself. He has been born half blind and deaf. We had the same idea's about setting up a community/server where anyone that is nice/friendly is welcome to play. We aim at creating a modpack so anyone is comfortable playing it. We love to play with our fellow community players as if we are them themselves. We listen to our players, we treat eachother equal no matter the rank, condition or problematics., we fight for our players as they're our family and we are always open for suggestions towards the server/community.

IP Adress:

Modpack link: Click here for our modpack

Our facts:

  • Our server is up almost 24/7, we are currently still updating the modpack towards perfection, but downtimes are minimal
  • We run plug-ins such as: GriefPrevention for anti-grief, Nucleus for extra commands (players and admins), DiscordIntegration (to see Discord messages in-game, and the other way around) and EconomyLite (for currency and shops, even though we haven't set up shops yet)
  • We respect our players
  • We treat our players equal
  • We care about our players
  • Discord voice chat: Click here to join our Discord server
  • Music bot included in Discord, access granted towards anyone
  • New players are welcome

We never heard any of our loyal players (players that have been playing since the server started) say anything negative about our server. However, we do have heard suggestions for adding certain mods towards the modpack, luckily we are always open towards these suggestions. Don't be scared to give critics to us though, we will always respectfully reply/answer to you.

Our rules:

  • We do not allow cheats, advantage-taking client-side mods or hacks in our server.
  • We do not allow cracked clients to join our server.
  • No foul language anywhere within the community.
  • Try to use text-chat in-game most of the time, even if you're in a Discord voice-channel.
  • No advertising of other servers, modpacks or IP adresses anywhere within the community.
  • Respect other players, no matter what.
  • Join our Discord server, this way we can easily resolve any problems. (Link above)
  • Be yourself, be honest, be kind, be friendly.
  • No griefing allowed in any kind of way, we have rollbacks and loggers.
  • Please be active on Discord/Server once in 2 days, otherwise you'll be kicked from Discord.

No one is not accepted, as long as they follow the above stated rules in our server/Discord. You will always be welcome to join us on our adventure.

Our plugins:

  • DiscordIntegration
  • EconomyLite
  • GriefPrevention
  • LuckPerms
  • MobRepeller
  • Nucleus
  • Prism
  • StackBan

Our mods:

  • AccessTweaks
  • Actually Additions
  • BiblioCraft
  • ChestTransporter
  • JEI (Just Enough Items)
  • Quark
  • SimplePortals
  • TrustCircle
  • Vanilla Builders Extension

As we don't have a big popularity at the moment, we do however have loyal, friendly and kind players playing daily on our server.

Our players:

  • MexicoMan (Donator)
  • itsstalya
  • NatDoesMC
  • Red1Jesskar
  • xXBruxyWolfXx
  • thestarpirate

If you need help with anything, please contact me here through the forums or join the Discord server: Click here to join our Discord server


TherealJez | Yannick VZ | Head operator of MineFriendly's server

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Posted (edited)

This is a very, very friendly server. It is refreshing to play on a server with a small but growing community whose primary interest is helping each other out. The primary focus here is building, mostly cooperatively. I am looking forward to stopping back in to play more, after some additional mods have been added (I'm spoiled, need my tech mods).

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Posted (edited)

6 hours ago, AetherPirate said:

This is a very, very friendly server. It is refreshing to play on a server with a small but growing community whose primary interest is helping each other out. The primary focus here is building, mostly cooperatively. I am looking forward to stopping back in to play more, after some additional mods have been added (I'm spoiled, need my tech mods).

You'll get your mods, Aether, you'll get your mods. Thank you for the reply!

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