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So. Recently we played Attack of the B-Team together by joining the same Hamachi server and then copying IPV4 and adding the "Open Lan" port numbers at the end. It worked perfectly, until now. It shows end of stream. What should I do?

Things we did already -
1. Restart Router.
2. Restart PC.
3. Restart Minecraft.
4. Refresh Networks multiple time. 


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If you're on the same Hamachi server, you shouldn't need to port forward.  That's half the point of Hamachi.  It's possible Windows Firewall, MSE, or another antivirus/firewall is blocking Minecraft.  That usually means the Hamachi network is not set to a Home/Private Network on either the host or client, and Minecraft is not set to be allowed on Public Networks (not a good idea to do this anyway imo).

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