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There is a ban for Preatomigold, but no Preatomicgold

If you are the one without c, do you remember what you did?

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oh yea thats me I changed my name to Preatomicgold with the c but I dont remember why I got banned it was years ago I'am sorry for what i have done.

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I need help from an Admin or Mod I can't post and I beg for someone's attention (my situation is a lot like yours). I guess I will post here... It will contain everything.

Okay, either I have been banned or somebody slipped. I can see me getting banned as more reasonable than having such a tremendous flaw as to have the Technic Discord link be invalid when clicked on... If I were banned I do hope an admin or somebody important enough to acknowledge this and want to help a Member in peril. I asked for help. Could you inform me on why my post didn't belong there and how you instantly knew it wasn't a bug? I need help and I didn't get that. I would like to post again but I am greeted by a Captcha and after I verify it brings me back to my draft without posting it. Now here's something you can help me with (or should be able to) also there's this thing called my account being locked for 14 minutes I also don't know what that's about, but like I said I would like to make another post but I can't so can you help me?unknown.png

Now if the Moderator looks at this and doesn't help me or clarify what I am experiencing as a bug and just shuts the post down and says your post doesn't belong here I want you to re-consider my post and do what you're supposed to in reply to a thread requesting "help." I do hope I can get some support on why I cannot join the Official Technic Discord from the Mod pack launcher. So where does this post belong?

My discord is (KnockKnockSON #0891)

Thank you, Munaus for trying to help but failing with your dull reply.

"this is the bug report section. You post here if you experience an issue with downloading modpacks on the launcher. Case closed"

I am sorry for my arrogance. I wanted a conclusion and soon. 



Edited by Knock Knock SON
I wanted to apologize.

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currently I can't get the chat logs from our bot, so I don't know what either of you did. But you are banned from our discord and that is always for a reason.

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since both of you seemed to have joined before our bot started logging the discord chat, which was a long time ago, I've decided to uplift your bans from our discord server.


you've been given a second chance. Ignore our rules on the Discord and there wont be a third.

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