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Error Downloading the modpack



HI My friend has been getting a error when shes downloading this modpack called Screenshot_2017-08-29_15.18.57.png?width=400&height=144

trollcraft light edtion

 shes tried logging back in and out restarting her labtop reinstalling tehnic but nothing is working

and shes even tried firewall nothing seems to be working so if you could please help me and somtimes she gets errors

logging in to tehnic (Error is Error downloading a file following modpack trollcraft light edtion 

failed to download and a website

please consult the modpack author  

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Archive,org is not a valid location to store modpacks. The author would need to fix. She is better off looking for another modpack. 

If she really wants TrollCraft, it is available via the AT Launcher.

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