Moving Technic and Packs from one PC to Another?

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So I recently bought and built an actual gaming PC, since I've been using what amounts to a budget laptop for most of my gaming the last few years. I've been slowly transferring over games and programs to the new PC, but here's the issue. Because I didn't have a lot of money to build the PC and I wanted it to have the best CPU and graphics cards I could buy, I didn't buy any network parts, which means I can't just connect to the internet and download Technic. Is there a way I can move it and the packs I have to the new PC on an external hard drive? Secondly, if I decide in the future to get another Modpack, is there a way to download it onto this laptop and use it on the PC? Thanks for your help in advance. 

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20 hours ago, EvilOwl said:

What motherboard do you have in this new PC?

Not sure why it matters, but it's an MSI Z270-A Pro with a GTX 1050 video card.

Edit: I see, the Motherboard might have networking built in, but the problem is I don't have wifi, and unlike my laptop I don't wanna lug my giant computer tower over to my friend's house to connect to the internet.

20 hours ago, Munaus said:

it's just folders. Copy - paste them

I don't know if the login will work.

This is what I was worried about. If I copy the folders with the launcher set to 'Remember Me', would it allow me to run offline like it does when I'm not connected to the internet?

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I have never tried this but you could try  to run the modpack.jar with a java runtime. (prob doesn't work)

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