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Discord ban appeal

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Hello i am very sorry i did something wrong. Yesterday 2017 10 02(for me) i got banned on discord forever for no reason, i did not break rules now. i did have multiple accounts. But  kimiki sayd i can stay, i got told that all staff got informed too. then i asked when will i get unmuted(because i forgot when) on tech-help and i asked EvilOwl and i got told never(now i remember that i was soposed to be unmuted in 6 months). but he told me things then i do not know why but he sayd that i am getting banned. And now i think he thought that i got a new account again but i didn't i just changed my name from hardrock663 to praneima(my ign) please help me even if all i have been on discord for was tech-help i still want to be able to talk to people and hammer rule breakers and i have read the rules and as i remember there is no rule that i cant ask staff questions(i did not ping him with @). All i came to ask can i get unbanned?

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You got banned under the name paaka for breaking the rules, then you came back under the name hardrock, you broke some more rules, then you changed the name to praneima and did it again.
You behaved like a moderator when not being one on several occasions and there's no way I'm letting you near help channels. Go bug some other server.
I banned you on that day because you directly admitted you're paaka confirming your ban evasion.
I analysed the conversations on discord, I was going to post them here but I'm not here to embarrass you in a public chat.
5 staff members noticed you are breaking rules repeatedly. So no, we're not letting you come back.

Topic closed, making a new one about it is against the forum rules. Ask again in 6 months.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.