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Hey guys, Tekkit classic, or any other modpack for that matter, has been crashing whenever I try to join ANY server or any new world. It's not specific to the world at all. My error logs are gonna be at the bottom of this post but I wanna share what I did to try to solve the issue first:


    Switched to the latest 64-bit java, made sure it was the only one installed, was in my path, and was recognized by the launcher

    Changed my launcher ram to various other values such as 768 MB, 3 GB, 8 GB etc.

    Deleted all instances of Minecraft, Tekkit, and other mod launchers.

    Downloaded a fresh launcher






I thought it would probably be a good idea to post my system specs:

Intel i3 3120M (Intel HD 4000) + 12 GB RAM

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System Specs

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