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What modpack?
What mod?

Do you have the right version of the mod? Does the mod have other dependencies?

Are you at all competent, or are you blaming Technic for your own failings?

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    • By sovamoudra
      Hi, I have a request for those who can make modpacks and understand this stuff
      Can somebody make a modpack for me? 
      I want there mods like:
      Thaumcraft (4), Thaumic tinkerer, Baubles
      Dr Zharks MoCreatures, Custom mob spawner
      Inventory tweaks
      Finder compas
      Zan´s minimap
      Twilight forrest mod
      and coremods what needed, so as I suppose:
      Not enough items
      all for version 1.7.10, but I don´t actually care, as long as it exist Thaumcraft 4 verion for it. 
      Thank you very much for your help. 
      Last thing... I don't really understand this stuff, so I think it will need some other mods to function right. 
      Please help me :D.
    • By BabyRhiino
      Me and some of my friends recently staarted playing Hexxit and i made a small little hamachi server that we could use anytime without any trouble and im trying to add a /sethome mod or any mod that has the same features. I am not able for the life of me install mods. Ive tried downloading some mod i found on curseforge forums and when i put into into the mods folder for the server nothing happens. Any Help?
    • By Xx-CUDDLES-xX
      Hi my technic will not launch any of the modpacks i have installed i would appreciate it if anyone had a solution, thanks.
    • By Lynisfast
      This is my modpack: Here is the source .zip When I launch it, it launches vanilla Minecraft. I am new to making modpacks, and have no idea what to do, as I followed the guide as closely as possible. Help, please!
    • By x_Seahawks_x
      Hi whenever I try to open a modpack it somehow fails. In the log it says something is 'Severe' so I presume that is the problem: