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Gabe-Craft Voltz

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Website: Http:// 

Server IP: 

Gabe-Craft is a new Voltz server offering a new and unique Minecraft experience. 

We pride ourselves on being a family safe, friendly, and welcoming server. 

Several things make us one of the fastest growing communities among servers such as our returning player base, the supportive staff, helpful plugins, and much more. 

We are here to serve you, the player, and provide everyone with the best gaming experience possible! 


We have the best staff you will ever meet, and it is one factor that puts Gabe-Craft ahead of the competition. 

All of our staff members are active playing members and are all as knowledgeable as they are friendly and helpful. 

Any staff member is able to assist players if they ever need help with anything at all. 

Current Worlds 

The Main World 

The Nether 

The End 


Member - Builder rank, gained access to many awesome features within Gabe-Craft. 

Builder - Worked for RANK, gained access to even more awesome features within Gabe-Craft. 

Diamond - Donor rank, more info on the website. 

Iron - Donor rank, more info on the website. 

Gold - Donor rank, more info on the website. 

Leather - Donor rank, more info on the website. 

Admin - Staff rank, moderates the chat. 

Mod - Staff rank, moderaters Gabe-Craft. 

Owner - Staff rank, owns Gabe-Craft. 


No advertising. 

No scamming.No x-ray or any sort of hack. 

No obscene language or racial intolerance, keep chat clean. 

No spamming of chat or excessive use of CAPS. 

If you're banned on one account then you're banned on any alternate accounts as well. 

Be respectful of staff and other players at all times. 

No begging for rank, OP, or items.

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