Can somebody make a modpack for me? HELP

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Hi, I have a request for those who can make modpacks and understand this stuff

Can somebody make a modpack for me? 

I want there mods like:

Thaumcraft (4), Thaumic tinkerer, Baubles
Dr Zharks MoCreatures, Custom mob spawner
Inventory tweaks
Finder compas
Zan´s minimap
Twilight forrest mod

and coremods what needed, so as I suppose:

Not enough items

all for version 1.7.10, but I don´t actually care, as long as it exist Thaumcraft 4 verion for it. 

Thank you very much for your help. 

Last thing... I don't really understand this stuff, so I think it will need some other mods to function right. 

Please help me :D.


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Potluck is for advertising modpacks, not asking for one. Moved to Platform Pagoda

you may get help if you ease the workload for the one helping you. Post the links to the mods in question

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