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Number of Installs and Runs has gone down


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    • By HenrikoMagnifico
      I made a new modpack a couple days ago, and since then me and a few others have downloaded and played the modpack on a private server. Still, no "downloads" or "runs" are visible at the modpack page? It feels a bit odd, considering we're at least 5 people who have downloaded the modpack and we've played it many times already. Is Technic just slow or is there something else going on? This is the modpack I'm speaking of.
      Thanks for clearing it up.
      - Henriko
    • By DCactivity
      I've created a modpack and two people have liked it, but the installs and runs bit say that no one has installed or ran the modpack. is this a bug in the technic launcher or something else?
    • By StelveFlame
      My modpack likes counter works, but downloads and runs counter stays on '0'. Why?
    • By AdmiralSip
      It's not that I want to see more downloads or runs, but I am pretty sure that after 3 days of a few people playing and running the modpack it should be more than 0. It will show the likes, but not the runs or downloads. It shows here. http://technicpack.net/modpack/minejade-alpha.756890
    • By AdmiralSip
      It's been a few days since i've seen my modpacks' downloads and runs count up. I know there has to be more than what it says because some people say they just joined.