Stuck on 'Loading World', have to force close

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Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with loading my world after adding a few mods to a mod pack.

I'm currently playing Boundless and have been adding a few mods as I go, but since last night my worlds have been unable to load.

Relevent info:






And this is what happens when I try loading my old world as well as when I generate new worlds




I have 6gb of RAM allocated to the modpack, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Here is the latest log from after Minecraft closes:


Help would be greatly appreciated


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It looks like either you tried to add a client-side-only mod to your server (if you're running a separate server), or you didn't put needed resource files (audio/graphic) in the correct places to allow the pack to use the mods you tried to add.

Either way, you need to provide more information.

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