Submitted report tickets, I wanted to bring this to admins attention ASAP.

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tl;dr user is threatening others, using my art and modpack without my permission.

ninja edit: I just made this account tonight, as soon as I saw the modpack.

Hello, sorry if this seems like I’m jumping the gun after just recently submitting a report ticket, however a few months ago I started a modpack for a select few of my friends, and it got to the point where a streamer wanted to enjoy it with us. However recently I got worried about the server owner making threatening comments over voice chat talking about abusing the fact that he has a connection to their PC's. recently we got into an argument over permissions and this caused me to brake the link to the modpack on the technic site. I uploaded this modpack with my art (I hold the origin files, and I have clearly stated that they are not to be used without my permission as that breaks the license.) however this user has uploaded the modpack I curated, the art in which I have expressed asked the removal of multiple times, as well as this user abusing his power in a threatening manner. I am worried about this user attempting to add malicious files to the modpack as well, this assumption comes from the conversation previously mentioned.

I am asking for any kind of attention from the admins to bring this to the attention of someone higher up the chain of command, to prevent any person from getting hurt, and to prevent the unauthorized use of my art as well as the modpack I curated.

thank you for any kind of assistance.

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I don't see a report, so I'm going to assume it's handled and lock this.  Please PM me if there are additional issues.

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