Own modpack unable to install 'failed to download xx.zip'

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First of all, let me say sorry if it's in the wrong thread, I'm new here and it was very difficult to find where to post this question.

I've tried to make my own modpack ( just a combination of multiple modpacks' mods to play with my friends) but I can't make it work.

I've had it launch actually 1 time and that was just vanilla Minecraft that launched. 

I've googled literally hours to eventually end up to this tutorial about how to make my own modpack:

But no matter what link I use I keep getting this error:

Error downloading a file for the following pack: The Ultra Modded Survival 1.7.10 Pack
Failed to download [link to zip file]
Please consult the modpack author.

Links to modpack that I tried pasting inside the `Modpack Location` input field:

Mediafire: ( tried it with different names as well )

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rpdblu9aaf1ndir/the-ultra-modded-1710-pack-1.0.zip

Direct download link: http://download1498.mediafire.com/1pwhusq94y3g/rpdblu9aaf1ndir/the-ultra-modded-1710-pack-1.0.zip


Direct download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqrmdezzfvebho0/the-ultra-modded-1710-pack-1.0.zip?dl=1

If I actually look inside my modpack folder inside `.technic` in `cache` there's the actual zip that supposedly failed to download.

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Modpack.jar.jar issue, and you zipped the folder incorrectly. Meaning you probably zipped it as a .rar or .7z, then renamed it to .zip. Which, surprise, surprise, doesn't work that way.

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Custom modpack discussions belong in Platform Pagoda, not Tekkit discussion


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