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I need Help!

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I have an 8g 64-bit laptop, and when I play vanilla minecraft with 64-bit java, I get high fps. But, every modpack is super laggy! When i switch to 32-bit java the modpacks run smoothly, but vanilla minecraft gets low fps. The Problem is that i have to play hexxit on 64 bit because i need to allocate more than 1 gb of ram. But on 64 Bit its super laggy in contrast to 32 bit.

I have a 64 Bit System

I need help. I tried everything. I love the modpack and i would like to keep playing it.

Thank you

ps.: sorry for my bad english

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    • By Mussa
      my 1.6.4 hexxit world keeps crashing when i get into it after running smoothly for atleast 3 hours of gameplay the other day. The version of the pack is 2.0.1c
      ill link a paste bin for the full report
    • By TechnicPissingMeOff
      So 2 days ago i downloaded, and played Crazy Craft on the Technic Launcher. Played fine, i got off, and now today i want to play again. After having to download the installer which for some reason is the only way to launch the Application (nice going), i finally tried to play Crazy Craft again. I click "Play" and bam some message is telling me I'm only using 1gb of ram. So i knew how to fix this, just go to the Java settings in the Launcher and allocate some ram. When i had played 2 days ago i had allocated 6gb of Ram. And now the maximum is only 1gb. After about an hour of googling I'm very lost. Some people said you don't have the right version of Java, or some bs like that. Well it worked 2 days ago and i haven't done anything since to even slightly mess with Java. So if you could fix your launcher so i can play, or just make it so you don't have to select an amount of ram to bestow upon the modpacks that would be great. I honestly don't even know why there's not already an option to say "Hey i have a nice computer, use as much ram as you need so i can play the modpack with 60 fps baby."

      I'd add pictures to prove i have java, but there's a "max total size" of 0.49MB. Text files easily get bigger than that lmao. And it won't let you add in imgur links either :)!

      Also i can allocate 7gb of ram in the Curse Launcher so yeah.
    • By Lindah
      My friend recently created a server and on the first day, I was able to join successfully with no connection lag at all.
      I try joining the second and third day and every time I try to connect to the server, it instantly says "Internal Exception: java.netSocketException: Connection reset"
      Currently, I have the Java8u25 version, as I've been told it works for the Tekkit Classic Servers. My ping is said to be over 1500 on the bars for the minecraft server, however, on most other games it is from 20-50. What is going on and how can I fix this so I can play on my friends server?
    • By Atum262
      Hello forum colleagues, moderators and administrators, I would like to say to you that most of the mods that existed on Hexxit 1.5.2 and 1.6.4 exist for Minecraft version 1.7.10. I would like to help with a possible Hexxit 1.7.10 version. Would it be possible?

      Here is a list of the mods available for Minecraft version 1.7.10 that existed in Hexxit versions 1.5.2 and 1.6.4:

      Ars Magica 2


      Antique Atlas

      Armor Bar (present in Project Zulu)


      Ancient Warfare 2


      Back Tools

      Battle Towers

      More Bows 2 (More Bow!)

      Better Dungeons

      Better Furnaces

      Better Storage



      Buff Bar (present in Project Zulu)

      Butterfly Mania

      Carpenter's Blocks

      Chest Transporter


      CodeChicken Core

      Damage Indicators

      Dimensional Doors

      Dynamic Lights

      Enchanting Plus



      Hexxit Gear


      Infernal Mobs

      Inventory Tweaks


      LegendGear 2 (LegendGear)

      Lost Books

      Lycanites Mobs

      Magic Yarn


      Falling Meteors



      NEI Addons (NEI Plugins)





      Project Zulu


      Roguelike Dungeons




      Soul Shards



      Twilight Forest


      Wild Caves

      Zelda Sword Skill
      Immibis core

      Immibis microblocks




      Ps: Harken Scythe and Asgardian Shield do not exist for Minecraft 1.7.10.
      I don't know if the creator of Hexxit would like to put Zelda Sword Skill and LegendGear together.
    • By Stony
      I have a Hexxit Server on version 1.5.2 (Hexxit version 1.0.10)
      I changed some code at : .../mods/HexxitGear-1.0-23.jar/core/buff/
      I added:        player.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(, 20, 1));
              player.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(, 20, 0));
      to make the Thief armor stronger. I don't know why but the changes do not work when I join my Server.
      Can Somebody help me?