Recovery of technic account (lost 2fa device w/ authenticator)

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So a year or so back I lost my main device, with the Google Authenticator app. At that time I thought it wasn't such a bad issue, as I thought I had a 'recovery' code. Anyway, fast forward to about a month ago, I discovered that out of all my dozens of codes, none of them work with Technic.

Is there any way I can remove 2fa from my account? I have access to my email, and the server where the modpack files are hosted. My modpacks on file are "This contains trains", and/or "Modified Shovel". I also have the original login details to both technic and minecraft, if that is of any verification use.

Note that my current username does not match the one that I used during the use of my technic account.

If I need to provide any additional proof of ownership, please let me know. Any help appreciated

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