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The new techno-magical modpack.

With the most well known magic mods and some great underdogs, this modpack discovers the scientific side of magic.

The mods are connected through integration and crafttweaker, and you get a questbook to guide you.

But dont think its easy! bloodmoon, hardcore recipes and murderous hunger will make your life hard..


  • AbyssalCraft,
  • AE2,
  • ArsMagica2,
  • astralsorcery,
  • Baubles,
  • baublesstuff,
  • BetterFPS,
  • BetterQuesting,
  • BiblioCraft,
  • BloodMagic,
  • Bloodmoon,
  • Botania,
  • BQ_TolkienTheme,
  • ChestTransporter,
  • CookingForBlockheads,
  • CraftTweaker,
  • CustomStartingGear,
  • Draconic-evolution,
  • EnchantingPlus,
  • EnderIO,
  • ExtraCells,
  • extrautils2,
  • FastLeaveDecay,
  • forestry,
  • gravestone,
  • GrimoireOfGaia,
  • ImmersiveCables,
  • immersiveEngineering,
  • inventoryTweaks,
  • IronBackpacks,
  • ironchest,
  • jei,
  • jeibees,
  • journeymap,
  • JustenoughResurces,
  • LootTweaker,
  • MagicBees,
  • masisisdoors,
  • MineTweakerRecipeMaker,
  • moartinkers,
  • ModTweaker2,
  • Morpheus,
  • mysticalagradditions,
  • mysticalaggriculture,
  • natura,
  • NaturalPledge,
  • Pam's Harvestcraft,
  • ProjectE,
  • Psi,
  • questbook,
  • refinedstorage,
  • RougelikeDungeons,
  • roots,
  • SpiceOfLife,
  • StandartExpansion,
  • stg,
  • StorageDrawers,
  • StorageDrawersExtra,
  • TConstruct,
  • Thaumcraft,
  • ThaumicJEI,
  • tinkersdefense,
  • UniDict,
  • UnifiedItems,
  • Waila,
  • Wawla,
  • Waystones.

all credit to the respective owners.


Ask anything! (related) on Discord

Please Read:

I need some help with managing the modpack, please consider helping me with Art, Suggestions or other.


Preferably at Ubus99 - Technic Platform,

alternatively at Dropbox

Edited by Ubus99

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