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    • By Drachi
      Hello All!
      This is my first open server. 9 Spaces I just want people to join and test, it's a bit of a home project.
      Please just join and have a good time.
      Server Address:
      One rule, no griefing other players stuff.
      Have fun!
    • By PandaZoGz
      My friends and I have recently been trying to get a Tekkit Legends server up, although we have came to a problem, I can get into the server although my friends however cannot. I have set the Eula to true. I've been using hamachi.
      This is the message that it comes up with... Connection timed out:no further information:
      Server Properties:
      Please Help !!
    • By Czaxi
      If anyone wants to join my tekkit legends server, good news! we have upgraded to evolve! The party invite link is:,party:xtjybic7jAM9LqsL if anyone would like to join!
      it doesn't really have players, I just want people to play with. see ya on the server!
      Server is now bukkit! more ranks will be added.
      btw, not 24/7 will be online most hours though
      Discord invite:
    • By TechnicalOwnage
      Pretty straightforward..
      None of the crafting recipes that use UU-Matter are in Not Enough Items.
      Version: Tekkit Legends 1.1.1
    • By PandaZoGz
      I have been experiencing low fps on tekkit legends, around 10 - 20 fps. I have an......
      i7 core
      GFORCE GTX 960m
      I have been experiencing this ever since i installed tekkit legends, i have installed optifine and have tried setting the priority to 'high' and i dont see a difference. I have also tried reinstalling Java 8 64bit and still, has done nothing. I also use the sphax texture pack, i luv it, its a must need.