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Frozen Logo Screen!!!


Device: MacBook Pro OS X 

Problem: Stuck on logo screen.


Hi so you guys probably get a lot of these as i have seen searching through the forms but pretty much this happened to me before on my last computer but some how i fixed it sadly i forgot how i fixed it so I'm stuck again. I have read all the the threads and i have watch all the vids nothing is working i have deleted and re downloaded technic SO MANY TIMES i downloaded java 10 and i read that ur not supposed to so i downloaded java 8 nothing happened. I'm still stuck on the logo screen every time. It just opens up and freezes on the screen and doesn't move. It doesn't even say "not responding" in finder, its just frozen. So ya I'm hoping someone can help me and help soon. Thanks :)

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im having the same problem on my mac.

i had technic on my mac a few years ago but we got a newer one. i decided to redownload it but its doing the same thing as you said.

maybe its a glitch to do with apple computers?

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