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Failed to Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.12.2/1.12.2.jar


I can't seem to find any solution to download minecraft using the Technic Launcher. I have tried disabling my anti-virus software (Kaspersky) and I was able to successfully download the file using the browser. I'm trying to use the mod Lapito's Galacticraft but even the Vanilla version isn't working which is an "Official Technic Modpack". 


Please help




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    • By itstimeforadventure
      Hey well, I am just posting for a quick fix help.
      I am using a MAC and I do not have access to the actual minecraft launcher. So I use Technic, now I can go on to a server easy with it on vanilla and all but I can't see to join this one server. It says my version is outdated, though I could of sworn it updated 2 days ago when I was using minecraft. I wouldn't know any specifics on how to fix it myself so I was hoping for either, someone to ask me some questions and see if they know what I need to do or they already have seen this problem before.
      Also the server is a friends but it does not have a white list or anything extra to it, the server ping bar say 
      "Craft bukkit 1.7.8 X" to it meaning I can't use it. Then says outdate client, I also tried to redownload Technic.