Kerbal Space Program

By Xylord in The Arcade,
Hello there, all you terrestrials! Might you've heard of it, might be you've not, but here it is, my favorite simulation game since years, a space program simulator! KSP was released in June 2011 by a nice hispanic Indie dev team called squad. It's basically a multi-genre game with a building part, a flying part and a dreaming part (Clicky). Simple; Design your rocket, spaceship or spaceplane, and then fly your brave Kerbals to their (almost) certain death. For now, there isn't even a campaign mode, but it's still a lot of fun with lots of things to do, including but not limited to : planet or moon exploring, interplanetary probing, space station building... And much much other! Also, check out the amazing modding community, there's some great modeling over there. Some of my favorites are B9 Aerospace, KW Rocketry and Mechjeb. Go get it now on steam or the main site and start wasting the resources of Krussia! Main Page Modding Platform Steam Page Kerbalnauts, go ahead and share screenshots, stories tip and trick or pleas for help here.
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