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    • By PombiC
      Please can you help me, Cant find other modpacks and all of the modpacks are offline dont know what to do.
    • By Wyattagum
      First Modpack Uploaded on My Account
      A Simple Collection of Fine and Top Rated Agriculture Mods Combined to Make Farming, and by Farming I mean ALL of the
      Farm, more Realistic!
                                                                            Mods in this ModPack
      Pam's HarvestCraft credit Pamela Collins (MatrexsVigil) and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack Fast Leaf Decay AgriCraft [SBM] Wooden Shears Terraqueous Roost ExpandedBonemeal


      here is meh other modpack :
    • By Wyattagum
      Second Modpack Uploaded on My Account
      Enjoy Looking Past The Horizon While Discovering The Unknown That Is Known To Be Unknown as Well as Known... This ModPack is about exploring and Finding New Things! Taisc is my short word for Taiscéalaíocht, which is the Irish word for Exploration.
                                                                            Mods in this ModPack
      Coming Soon  
      here is meh other modpack: 
    • By creeperingreen
      i've got the latest java 1.5.1 and been getting this for 2-3 months now
      edit-it has been fixed 

    • By Caxrl
      Hello, Everyone! I was wondering if anyone can suggest or recommend me a Modpack that includes Factions, Raiding, Pvp, and lots of technology!
      Thank you for your time and consideration.