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Flan's Mod - Titans in single player issue

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First off - love the pack - tons of fun!  I just created the Alpha Titan and some goodies to go with it - playing in single player I set the Titan down and hop aboard, equip my drill, excavator, flotation, and GO (forward) and the mech stands still - F5 to see what is going on and the feet move - the mech stands still.  The only way to get it moving is going into cheat mode, and selecting Creative +


Do I have to be on a server do use this costly item?  Can it be fixed so people in single player mode can use these beasts?



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Yeah, you need Fuel - if you look in the inventory of the titan you'll see a meter with a flashing red light, put a can of Fuel in the inventory and it'll fill up (the check is disabled in creative).


If you can't find it (it's the red jerry can called "Fuel", 23290) then you make it with four coal in a square in the bottom left of a bench with an iron ingot in the top middle, cheap and easy compared to what you just went through making it.


The other relevant items you might have missed for the titans are;

Obsidian Boots = make you smash the ground like a true giant robot instead of taking falling damage.

Floatation device = allow you to swim, without these you just jump off the bottom of a lake.

Item Vaccuum = the titan sucks up dropped blocks into its inventory in the way you do with your own inventory on foot.


Hope that helps!

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