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Help!? error unzipping my custom modpack

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Hello to all, i made a private custom pack for me and my mates play :


The problem is, after the download part, it goes the unzipping part and give the following message:


"error unzipping a file for the following pack: ....Utopian World!"    (my pack)


"error in opening zip file"


"please consult the modpack author"


I don't know what to do, the file is a .zip, a tried to unzip all files and non corrupted files, i updated java to version 7.51, all the mods work fine in regular minecraft with forge, no conflicts between them, i deleted the .technic  folder and got a new version of the launcher...


In all out of ideas can some one help?? 

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Ok i fixed the previous problem, the pack loads but no mods load its vanilla minecraft...


What should i do?


By the way thanks for the help plowmanplow.

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i just fixed mine if you tell ur friends to unzip it themselfs and delete all the files in the empty modpack cause it should still pop up on thier launcher. then they can just copy and paste ur modpack in themselfs by getting it from ur dropbox and manually unzipping it. after i did that my modpack launched cause i already had all the files:).

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The implication is that you are missing the modpack.jar file in your new zip (or it is not configured correctly).

ive done every thing and it still says i cant download my custom mod pack please help!

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