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    • By deadmansland13
      This is a new modpack with over 60mods main mods are superheros and orespawn it is version 1.7.10 and whitelisted no griefing/stealing to join come apply on the discord link here good staff and friend people
    • By ImpDude
      This is a pure survival server. Work together or kill each other, the choice is yours. Our world centers around a central hub with portals to many dimensions already there for you. Protect your base with ftbutils mod. The overworld has been pre-generated a bit to reduce lag, and there is no world border so feel free to explore. There are no teleport commands. Server is hosted on a spare computer in basement, so someone is usually around to fix any downtime.
      Server IP: 
      Server Rules: 1 Griefing and PvP are allowed just not on other players claims.  
      2 No redstone, or other devices that cause network lag and major frame rate drops.  
      3 No xraying or other cheating mods.  
      4 Claims and rftools dimensions will be removed if you're not seen in here for a while.  
      5 Don't surround other claims with your own or claim any portals around the spawn.  
      Banned Items: (Subject to change!) 
      Additional Pipes: Chunk Loader
      Advent of Ascension: All portals (We have a portal hub.), Ancient Teleporter Blueprint, Runandor Blueprint 
      DivineRPG: Arcana Portal, SnowGlobe, Twilight Clock 
      Extra Utilities: Dark Portal, Last Millennium Portal 
      JABBA: Dolly, Diamond Dolly 
      Lycanites Mobs: Demonic SoulCube 
      Minecraft: Nether Portal (We have a portal hub.) 
      MineFactoryReloaded: Chunk Loader, Plastic Bag, Sacred Rubber Sapling 
      Thaumcraft: Trade wand, Portable Hole wand 
      Witchery: Poppet Shelf
      UpTime: As 24/7 as can be, with daily backup and restart.
    • By schemansky
      I need help on my situation with tekkit legends, me and a friend are playing on our own server and everytime i start using buildcraft the game crashes and crashes, no idea why but i really need help ;(
    • By GoldFish000111
      Modded Minecraft at its best!
      We host two amazing modded servers, that allow you and your friends to explore! One is an Adventure server and the other is a War server!

      Adventure with your friends in the world of Nebular Adventures!
      Vast Landscapes Dungeons Towny Airships Tinkers Construct Join Nebular Adventures Here!
      Join our discord Here!

      Build Nuclear bunkers to be safe from the flying Nukes! Nebular Nations is a high-tech, war-themed server!
      Nuclear Bombs Build Craft Force Fields Tanks Guns Galactic Craft Join Nebular Nations Here!
      Join our discord Here!