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Not sure how active this forum is, but thought I'd share this here.


Over the years I've toyed with creating original music clips and songs for video projects, but I rarely ever found a fitting use for the tracks I did make; as such, it recently came to mind that I could release the small collection of tracks I accumulated for others to use - assuming they're of satisfactory quality, of course.

So, basically I am uploading the tracks to YouTube for preview and including a link to download the featured track from my website. As of this posting, I have one such track available with another in the pipe to go out soon (I will update this thread as more tracks are added).

Interested? Have a listen and if you like, feel free to use!

Content usage rights are included in each video's description and on my website, but for your convenience:

Content usage rights:

You are free to use these tracks for any personal or commercial use. The only requirement is that you provide the following in your video/project's information:

“Music courtesy of: (”

Also, giving a shoutout to the channel/website in your project itself would be greatly appreciated but is not required.


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