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Coven quest help

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Hi witches, warlocks, sorcerers,...


i've starded study the "art" and already got my cat familiar. so i thougt its time to get some witches in my coven. i saw some youtube vids where you have to collect some items for the coven witches so it will be very easy ... NOOOT!


My first quest is: " bring me the beating means to master the infernal dimensions"

I have absolutely no idea what she need, Anyone can healp me please?

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Looking at the word "beating", I'm gonna go on a limb and say you need a heart.

Don't know whether this is a demon or creeper heart though. I haven't tried the Witchery mod yet.


Does this wiki help?

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A demon heart


Excerpt from the Wiki "Demons are powerful, evil beings who dwell in the infernal dimensions."

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Sometimes you get ones that are too hard for you right now - it's fine to ignore those witches and come back to them later.

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Coven Witches spawn relatively commonly, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one or two that require 30 bones.

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Thank you for all the replys.


Thougt i can make only one quest at a time and was very frustrated ^^




- it's fine to ignore those witches and come back to them later.



yep, found some witches with easy quests e.g. fighting ther pet.





Sometimes you get ones that are too hard for you right now



If i know what they need, its not rly hart to get this items. I also got some daemon hearts (daemons are very easy to figt with some advanced genetics (iron golem hearts, swim in lava) and heart canisters.)




Don't know whether this is a demon or creeper heart though. I haven't tried the Witchery mod yet.



I think daemon heart sounds good but i can't try it because my coven is full right now.

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