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  2. ola Hi all, just wanted to write a quick review of the game (for more shopping sprees tehe ) and let the Gals of tekkit know its quite fun. Ive played multiple versions and enjoy making large farms in different areas theres even a mushroom island to explore for! Think sims but different graphics, they grow on you.
  3. Well, I just bought Minecraft for 23,95€ (I am poor) and it did not work. Please, I am desperate.
  4. Hi guys! So, I wanted to install modpack, but when I copied API link into my launcher, it said that the API link is broken. Okay, sometimes, modpacks doesn't work. But I found out, that every API link is broken for me. I tried like 20 modpacks, but all API links broken. My launcher is up to date, Java as well (set on 64 bit ver.) and my PC always ran any modpacks without any trouble. Do you have any idea, what is this? Anything I can do to make packs work again? Thank you so much. Retty
  5. Increase RAM under Launcher Options -> Java Settings. 5-6 GB should help.
  6. BetterFoliage is requesting its dependency (Forgelin).
  7. what settings do i have to put the technic launcher e.g. minecraft java version, RAM
  8. please help me
  9. IDK if its something obvious or what but idk what to do so i decided asking for help wouldnt hurt
  10. Last week
  11. The problem is, as far as I know, I don't have it installed. I've installed java 8 like 3 times already and I keep on getting this error. I'll try to uninstall all java-related software and install the recommended one I've been trying to install for the past 5 hours and will come back to reply to see if it worked.
  12. "Hey guys, I tried to do something that it told me would likely not work. It didn't work. HELP". Like, maybe don't use java 12 but just use java 8?
  13. As the title implies, when I click play on tekxit 3, a window pops up showing the java version is unsupported, and when I click YES to contiue, the technic launcher vaishes from existence for half a second and comes back, with no minecraft to be shown... HELP? PS. I've allocated 5 GB RAM, and am running JAVA version 12.0.1 64-BIT, TEKXIT version 0.97
  14. Yeah, there are two lines in there that indicate usage of MCleaks. Go to their website and look up the correct way to uninstall MCleaks. Simply removing the program doesn't prevent these issues.
  15. Probably has to do with the (insane?) amount of modpacks that also have Kingdom in their name.
  16. Pack fixed by using Universal versions of NEI and CodeChickenLib, but I think the biggest issue was not having NEIDS. This is just a smaller concern, but why do you suppose typing in "Kingdom" under the modpack search tab under the launcher shows no results for the pack? I changed the name from "Title Made Not To Plagiarize" (hence the tmntp filename) to "Kingdom Risen", and even added tags for the words "Kingdom" and "Risen". Thanks for solving the modpack issue btw!
  17. I wasn't going to have this modpack on Technic, but, I want to play with all the chosen mods on there just in case my friends want to join me at anytime. --- I've uploaded a different modpack before, personal like this one, and it worked out just fine. This one does have wayyy more mods so something different is definitely going on. Downloading the modpack is fine, it is hosted on Dropbox. However, when I try to 'play' the modpack, it loads a few things before Minecraft assets, then waits a bit, the Launcher disappears, and then the launcher reappears; meaning something crashed/is not loading right. Here is the crash log from Technic: { } Any help would be appreciated. I tried to skim through the log myself, but it is definitely confusing for me. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, or that something isn't right, I'm typing as fast as I can before I go to work (I'll be able to respond within 8-9 hours from now).
  18. Hey i need help. I have done everything and downloaded the launcher, but when i went to open it, its just shows a big blue circle with a wrech in it, and nothing else. what do i do?, its been a few days and thats all thats there. this isn't a loading bar for progress or anything. Please help.
  19. Hello, I'm HiNiceUsernameNowMine, you seem to miss some mods. First, download these two. No 9mc mods please. Now, add this mod: Once you've done so and tested, please report back.
  20. Hi Folks, having issues on my modpack that i built, "Kingdom Risen". When Initializing the game, it seems to crash on step 2 of 7 when initializing mods, and goes straight back to the technic launcher. Have no idea why, but here's the link for the modpack. maybe it has something to do with coremods, but when i move those flagged mods to the coremods folder, the game doesn't recognize them as being installed. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  21. Update: When naming the forge file "modpack.jar" it may be that it is simply needed to be named "modpack". ISSUE SOLVED FOR ME.
  22. Hey folks, I made a modpack, "Title Made To Not Plagiarize" and loaded it with a few different mods. When I install the pack from the Technic Launcher, it seems to download the zip I uploaded to Dropbox, but doesn't seem to actually install the mods. Some of the mods are older versions, but it shouldn't be a problem with most of them. (Here's the link for the file: Any help would be appreciated, and my forge version is forge-1.12.2- This is my first modpack so please be forgiving.
  23. Locate the hosts file on your computer (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts) Open it with notepad. Copy paste the text to Share the link to that here.
  24. Hello when im trying to log to technic launcher it says An error has occurred while attempting to reach" can somebody help ?
  25. I am playing tekkit on a minecraft server. I use optifine and recently the game keeps crashing. I use the official launcher on Tekkit Legends version 1.1.1. Here is my latest crash report.
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