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  2. plowman nevermind, i changed things and it's working now. And Evil feel free to swing the hammer it's only a website on a computer. If i'm the salty one here, then you got vision problems. Feel free to ban me.
  3. They use a mapwriter fork. Best just copy it off that modpack?
  4. One more salty post or one more report about this topic and I start swinging the hammer without looking.
  5. Hello, I've been searching for a way to use the pixelmon sprites included in the pixelmon mod to replace the dots on the journeymap minimap which is default. I noticed that pixelmon reforged on the Technic Launcher does have pixelmon sprites as indicators for pixelmon on the minimap and I was wondering if anyone knows how this was achieved. I've searched for this before but to no avail, any help or tips are appreciated!
  6. Downgrade java to 8u51 or 8u25 because your Intel integrated GPU sucks.
  7. No. 8u25 has no performance upgrades compared to 8u51.
  8. I'll have to try running the pack again to figure that out. Please make sure the pack has been updated with the recommended changes referenced above and I'll check it out this afternoon.
  9. Hi, im trying to play tekkit with my girlfriend and everytime she clicks play it sends her back to the launcher. ive tried to fix it myself but im having no luck. the file attached is her log. any help would be appreciated crash-2019-05-23_01.38.45-client.txt
  10. Ok I did what you asked and uninstalled my current Java to 8u51 and I'm happy to say that it worked! thank you very much for your help (Also quick question do you recommend going down to 8u25 if the game is too laggy with 8u51? but yea I'll try and upgrade my PC in the future thanks again for your help)
  11. Does that mean it is no longer able to be downloaded?
  12. Downgrade java to 8u51 or 8u25 because your Intel integrated GPU sucks.
  13. Modpack download location no longer exists. You can find out by following that link you posted.
  14. When I try to install the heroes and Generals Ravamped mod, a popup-window comes up saying "Error downloading a file for the following pack: Heroes and Generals Ravamped - Failed to download - Please consult the mudpack author." Is anyone able to explain what I have to do? If so, that would be great, as it would not only solve this problem, but would help me be able to download other modpacks.
  15. i tryed on OneDrive and says that "The Modpack Location you entered is not a valid location." How do I put a working link in OneDrive?
  16. Sorry, i made the question so quickly and i forgotten a lot of things, i'm trying to use another host to my URL, i was in Dropbox, so i tryed MEGA, now i'm trying OneDrive The modpack is in private for now but is Nyrab's MagiTech RPG
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