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  2. Okay so, I tried to install the Technic Launcher and downloaded the .exe from the website but no matter what I did (I already tried most of the ideas I found on here) it doesn't work. I have Java 8 installed and also tried to run the launcher as administrator but still, it gets stuck at "Downloading Launcher Asset: OpenSans+..." at 0% and does nothing from that point. I haven't been able to install the launcher. It never opened up for me in the first place. Anybody know what i could do to make it work? EDIT: Nvm I got it to work now
  3. i have certain mod pack i want to play every time i try to open it it ends up freezing and no longer loading ( the mine craft game) ive tried uninstalling both the launcher and mod pack even restarted mt computer i was able to use this mod pack before i reset my computer idk if that has anything to do with it reinstalled it when i reset my PC and i started having this issue. if theres anything i can give you guys so you can help me let me know thank you and its the onelife popular smp modpack that wont open and my friend can use it soooo
  4. I'd suggest you ask in their discord channel
  5. HERE it is sorry solved first one this is the one im stuck on
  6. I've started playing tekkit legends again. and it has erased all my custom emc values. i basically added emc to all items. does someone have a listen i can copy into the custom emc's config.
  7. Last week
  8. I started playing on this server 2 days ago and me and my friend are having such a good time!! we made a clan finally took us a bit of time trying to set one up, but got there eventually. The staff on at that time where really helpful and now we are building up our little town. Looking for a tekkit server that's fun defiantly give this one a try!
  9. *well i think that i fixed it i will find out later i re download the mod pack and got it to work, so i will find out if it works or not at a later date
  10. When i first download the mod pack and ran it worked, but now when i try and play it again it wont start minecraft. The bar down at the bottom just stops moving then stops trying to load the mod pack. I have to click play again but it still doesn't work. and i also tried to reinstall the mod pack and it came up with this error *update i got it to download by closing one of the java se binarys, i am going to see what will happen when i try to load it again
  11. My friend has been using the technic launcher for a few days and then suddenly his technic launcher suddenly started to work werid. The modpacks would sometimes open and sometimes not and then today, none of his modpacks wanted to open. First it was tekkit legends, then it was other modpacks like pixelmon etc. Heres the pastebin of his logs:
  12. Yeah, the fix for this is easy. Don't use a cracked launcher.
  13. As the title says, minecraft crashes when I launch a world. I can hear birds and probably sea but that's all. Crash report: 41 mods loaded Optifine OptiFine_1.2.5_HD_S_C6 Minecraft Forge FML v2.2.106.176 Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5 mod_CodeChickenCore : Available (modpack.jar) mod_MinecraftForge : Available (modpack.jar) mod_NotEnoughItems : Available (modpack.jar) mod_ReiMinimap : Available ([1.2.5] mod_IC2 : Available (industrialcraft-2-client_1.97.jar) mod_IC2AdvancedMachines : Available ( mod_BuildCraftCore : Available ( mod_BuildCraftBuilders : Available ( mod_BuildCraftEnergy : Available ( mod_BuildCraftFactory : Available ( mod_BuildCraftTransport : Available ( mod_AdditionalPipes : Available ( mod_ComputerCraft : Available (ComputerCraft) mod_RedPowerMachine : Available ( mod_ccSensors : Available ( mod_CCTurtle : Available (ComputerCraft) mod_EE : Available (EE2ClientV1.4.6.5.jar) mod_EnderStorage : Available (EnderStorage-Client mod_IC2NuclearControl : Available ( mod_ImmibisCore : Available (immibis-core_49.1.1_for_1.2.5-client.jar) mod_InvTweaks : Available ( mod_MAtmos_forModLoader : Available ( mod_ModularForceFieldSystem : Available ( mod_IC2_ChargingBench : Available ( mod_CompactSolars : Available ( mod_IronChest : Available ( mod_RedPowerCore : Available ( mod_NetherOres : Available ( mod_PowerConverters : Available ( mod_Railcraft : Available ( mod_RedPowerControl : Available ( mod_RedPowerLighting : Available ( mod_RedPowerLogic : Available ( mod_RedPowerWiring : Available ( mod_RedPowerWorld : Available ( mod_TubeStuff : Available (tubestuff_49.1.2_for_1.2.5-client.jar) Balkon's WeaponMod : Available ( mod_WirelessRedstoneCore : Available (WR-CBE Core-Client mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons : Available (WR-CBE Addons-Client mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower : Available (WR-CBE RedPower-Client mod_ImmiChunkLoaders : Available (zdimensional-anchor_rev3.2_for_1.2.5-client.jar) Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem. --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 5dd86d60 -------- Generated 19/11/17 12:54 Minecraft: Minecraft 1.2.5 OS: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0 Java: 1.8.0_221, Oracle Corporation VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation LWJGL: 2.9.0 OpenGL: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 version 4.4.0 - Build, Intel java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical at<init>(Unknown Source) at codechicken.core.CommonUtils.getJarFile( at codechicken.core.CommonUtils.findClasses( at codechicken.nei.NEIConfig.loadConfig( at codechicken.nei.NEIConfig.loadWorld( at mod_NotEnoughItems.reset( at mod_NotEnoughItems.onTickInGame( at BaseMod.doTickInGame( at cpw.mods.fml.common.modloader.BaseModTicker.sendTick( at cpw.mods.fml.common.modloader.BaseModTicker.tickBaseMod( at cpw.mods.fml.common.modloader.BaseModTicker.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd( at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.onRenderTickEnd( at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x( at at Source) --- END ERROR REPORT 397c979b ----------
  14. I seem to be having the same problem here, but with single player instead. I'm not trying to launch a server or anything like that, the launcher just hides and un-hides with this same message I have 4 gigs of RAM with 3.5GB allocated memory and 64-bit Windows 10 here are the logs:
  15. I had the same problem myself with several mod packs that were big enough to leave my computer with "no memory". The way i fixed it was by going to Java and downloading the x64 version offline. This allowed me to go to the Tekkit launcher options and change my memory allocated from max 1 GB all the way to my 8 GB that my ram has to offer. The reason why many people have the server shutting down error is because if they are running x32 java no matter how much ram you have it will always only allocate 1 GB so most mods will not load fully before your memory is full, leading to failure. Once I dowloaded the x64 offline and changed it all the way to 6 GB of memory it loaded perfectly and had no more "missing chunks" that you could see past bedrock. Your windows system or whatever system you have must be x64 for this to work. Go to your settings/system/about (all the way at the bottom on windows 10) and then system type. If it says x64 go to and click the x64 offline. Once you dowload it (and uninstall the latest version only if while installing java asks you to) then you can open tekkit launcher go to Launcher Options on the Top right corner (Not modpack options)/Java settings/ Memory and change it to whatever value you want. I wouldn't do maximum so your computer runs smooth but also not so low that it doesn't solve it. In my case 4-6 GB worked just fine. Hope it helps. GL.
  16. Yeah, that's pastebin. Could you add your log to it?
  17. BOLT777

  18. Pretty great server, nice market plugin and kind people. Sometimes it lags or crash, but this happens only at the end of wipe. I have played 1000+ hours on this server and I really enjoyed it. Ingame nickname: lika85456
  19. Hello, I want to use the ambience mod in my modpack I had created to have a custom main menu theme. After starting of the modpack via techniclauncher I heard the custom background music and also the nomral default minecraft music and it shouldnt play both because normally ambience will override or block the standart minecraft music. I dont know what to do to remove the normal minecraftmusic on my technicpack, because on normal minecraft it works well. Anyone help maybe? I just want a custom main menu theme in the modpack i created.
  20. Modpack.jar.jar (remember that part where you had to rename the forge universal to modpack.jar? In your case, it should've been just modpack.) Also, why on earth did you package the whole thing in a jar? It should be a zip...
  21. I did a whole lot going through, re-zipping files and such, changing names, resetting everything about my pack on my machine, loading it up in barebones before attempting to load it up as my own pack, and I just could not get the darn thing to load my pack and not vanilla mc. Here's the modpack and direct download link What on earth am i missing?
  22. or are some cracked launchers
  23. use a pastebin service to post the full log there, don't spill a log's text directly on the forum. Also, this is a custom pack issue, not a Launcher issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda
  24. custom pack discussion, not an issue with the Launcher, Moved to Platform Pagoda
  25. Munaus


    not an issue on the Technic Launcher, as this is on Forge's end. Moved to Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussion
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