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  2. The discord link is saying that it is invalid.
  3. The Launcher for some reason wont load any modpacks after I press play, I don't understand why and hope I can get some help here.
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  5. What happens if you just get to the part with the specific version for 1.6.4? And launch that?
  6. Whenever i try to launch this error message appears...
  7. So, when are you going to actually include your modpack's name so we can check?
  8. You download vanilla on the Technic Launcher. You then press Modpack Options -> A specific version -> 1.6.4. After that, you copy over all those files and you do choose to overwrite. Try playing after that.
  9. Are we talking Technic Launcher or Minecraft Launcher ? If Technic how do i download just the vanilla 1.7.10 (The modpack was OG for 1.6.4 so for 1.6.4) ? If Minecrfta Launcher should i just create a modpack folder ? Thanks for the reply ! EDIT: Sorry am stupid, installed the vanilla in Technic Launcher and moved the files from the OG to the new install but not sure if i should overwrite files or not ? When i overwrite i get error when i press "play" when i dont overwrite mods dont load..
  10. So I created my own modpack with a set of mods that I want and when I get it all setup and done and try to run it, It says "file version.json not found in C:\users\<user>\appdata\.technic\modpacks\<modpack>\bin\modpack.jar". I have no java updates to be done and i've tried resetting the modpack, resetting the launcher, resetting my pc. Can anyone please help 😧
  11. When i try and load tekkit classic or any other modpack it just goes to a white screen and doesnt do anything after. I used to be able to launch modpacks but now i cant any ideas ?
  12. for some reason it says I am banned even tho the bot said i was muted. I am not sure if it is a glitch but I would like to be a part of the technic discord and I am very sorry for breaking the rules and the 10 min mute was justified however that mute was issued about 24 hours ago
  13. Last week
  14. Whenever I click install on a modpack it'll download for a little bit and say can't down load (link of mod name) please consult modpack author. It does this for every pack. I have checked the forums and nothing has helped. My computer is relatively new as well so I have no idea what is wrong.
  15. Try using Java8u221 or u211 instead.
  16. The technic launcher wont launch Minecraft if you are using java 8, so you have to use java 7. the problem with this is that java 7 isn't available to the public.this makes it so that i cant use the technic launcher. is there any way around this? only one version of java is available to the public.
  17. You still have the original download? Make a copy of it. Then: Download vanilla minecraft for 1.7.10. Move all Archcraft folders over to the vanilla "modpack" folder. You now should be able to play again.
  18. Updates take an hour to register if you don't increase the modpack version.
  19. So i dusted off my old hard drive and foud an old technic modpack with my world etc. Its called ArchCraft and sadly its original cersion is non downloadable on technic and the only downloadable ArchCraft upload ( is not working and crashes on load. Does anyone have any idea where to get ArchCraft or how do i run it ? I want to explore my old worlds with this modpack. Please somebody help me Thanks for any replies
  20. I have to agree with Jaari here. very low effort on OP's part to give us any usable information to work with here. Moved to Platform Pagoda for custom pack discussion
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