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  2. I am having trouble with my six digit code can somebody help me
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  4. How do I edit the config files? Do I just rip the config after editing it and then put it into the config folder or something else?
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  6. I was banned a long time ago for advertising, but I think I have now changed can I pleas be unbaned Discord: Buddy2705#7768
  7. Trying to launch RL Craft through the technic launcher but it crashes at the same step every time and can't boot it. Please help. Whats wrong. smh had to upp the ram of java
  8. This works!!! it has fixed my game and i can play without crashing constantly thank you!
  9. JaariAtmc


    No. Forge 1.13/1.14 will not work on TechnicLauncher due to the whole installation process of Forge being changed, breaking everything that worked between Minecraft 1.2-ish and minecraft 1.12.2. It currently only works for Vanilla minecraft (and Twitch Launcher since they package the vanilla launcher).
  10. No modpack name. No technicpack link. No dropbox link. Like, how will anyone be able to check what you did?
  11. i just group up with some friends and payed a host to support our server and was an big effort to configure that but in the end we had problem with the modpack in the techinic launcher that opens the normal minecraft vanilla without mods and even the load screen of forge , i followed many tutorials saying the same thing to file the bin,config and mods folders and send the adress to the dropbox but after all it doesnt run , just open the normal vanilla , in the folder the mods are still there but does not work someone can help??
  12. JLBuilds


    There is an error with Forge universal 1.14.4 not installing properly via Technic. Everything works as it should on my server and stand alone MC with this version of Forge combined with the mods I put together into a pack. Pastebin link for the TL log is This is the error stated by Technic Launcher Failed to connect to the server This server has mods that require Forge to be installed on the client. Contact your server admin for more details. Please help. Thank you so much for your time.
  13. That was do to me testing if that would make a difference, anyways a friend helped me fix it so now it is working
  14. When I checked your modpack, the bin folder had a forge jar that was its original name. you really need to change that to just "modpack".
  15. I have also tried a different version of 1.12.2 and that didn't help either
  16. Yes, that is how I had it to begin with, like I said, I tried everything and nothing worked in order to get it to run and install properly, I even looked for something on the forums and have yet to find anything relevant to my issue
  17. So I want to set a new background for my mod pack. I went to "my modpacks", I clicked on a modpack, I clicked "edit modpack", I went to "Resources", and I chose a file for the modpack backround. It said choose a 900x600 backround, but my picture was 2560x1440, I figured it wasnt a problem. I clicked "Update resources" and I got an error page, It read: "413 Request Entity Too Large". I went back and changed my pictures resolution to exactly 900x600, and i tried again. I got the same error page. I attached a screenshot of the error page on this post. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. The file size of the lower one is 1.09MB, is there a limit to the size of the file?
  18. That's because Technic Launcher does not support modded 1.13/1.14.
  19. So, have you renamed the forge jar to modpack? Like literally, renamed it to "modpack". Probably not.
  20. I am having issues with my pack, I am trying to create a 1.12.2 pack for my server but each time I install it it only installs vanilla mc but not forge even though all configs and mods are also copied over, I have tried many different things to try and get it working but nothing works for mine...just to be clear, I have tried with and without the configs, different ways of putting in the forge jar, and different ways with the url for the download but none seem to work.
  21. Check in you Security and Privacy Settings, Look under the Privacy tab, and then the Files and Folders Access, makes sure Java has permissions.
  22. Made a modpack and it only opens vanilla minecraft and won't load any mods. Before you say anything yes i checked the modpack.jar it's correct, No i'm not uploading an incorrect zip file. Download the modpack for yourself if you don't believe me and check the folders. It's called Bishflop's LoveCraft. you can just search Bishflop it's the only one.
  23. Allinardo's Cosmeticraft A modpack all about fun Cosmeticraft aims to drastically change your Minecraft and gaming experience by implementing dozens of mods that change the way adventuring, exploration, building, and surviving work, without going overboard in difficulty. Everything from dozens of new structures, randomized dungeons, overworld and cave biomes, alternate dimensions, and not to! I am also currently running a dedicated server to test player response to Cosmeticraft's inner workings, and am accepting any and all feedback anyone might have with the modpack. DOWNLOAD SERVER IP Comment any and all concerns, questions, or other remarks on this post.
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