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  2. This issue has now been resolved, we changed the way we validate those URLs.
  3. its OK I found the download for the 8u51 version and everything has worked! Thanks for the help anyway though.
  4. Re-installed it, it works now thanks. ___________________________________________________________ Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  5. You will have to redesign how forge is handled without breaking older versions used. The whole installation process of Forge was changed, so yeah.
  6. WARNING: coremods are present: SecretRoomsMod-Core (Secret-Rooms-Mod-1.12.2.jar) midnight (themidnight-0.3.5.jar) snaptube MicdoodlePlugin (MicdoodleCore-1.12.2- telegram web MalisisCorePlugin (MalisisCore-1.12.2.jar) vidmate Contact their authors BEFORE contacting forge
  7. You incorrectly zipped your modpack. (you zipped the top folder, not the bin/mods/config directly).
  8. everything was working until i added the ProjectE 1.12.2 mod my drop box link but i have it set to for the modpack itself E: I've also tried to delete it from the pack and it still wont work
  9. Does your log say something like what OP has? Especially around the error part?
  10. After I installed hello neighbor 1.8.9 BR, I tried playing the mod. but when I clicked play, it just won't start up. it takes me back to the launcher like nothing happened. In general, I can't start most of the mods, Some of them because it has too many gigibites and i only have 1 gigibite, and some of them glitches and suffers error. Most mods I can start up well and doing very good. is there way to fix this? how to fix it? what do I not have in order to play this mod? sincerely, Ian Elmquist
  11. Last week
  12. net.minecraftforge.fml.common.MissingModsException: Mod twilightforest (The Twilight Forest) requires [[email protected][,)] Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  13. so i should remove my mouse binds for example if i would have sprint on mouse5 i should get rid of that ? Lucky Patcher Kodi nox
  14. blancoa

    Adding texture packs

    For minecraft I just put the contents of the texture pack zip into the same folder that the Minecraft launcher is in, but I'm not sure what to do with Tekkit because it isn't running from normal Minecraft. I've tried everything I can think of. Ideas? Is there a solution?
  15. can I ask where I could get the 8u51 version of java I believe I have the same problem as the OP . I have tried the oracle archive website but whenever I try to download it I get an error on their site. thanks
  16. i have NO CLUE what a 2FA code is or have i EVER recived one before, what do i do?
  17. followed all steps but still did not work, i tried to open blightfall and now it wont even open anymore. at a loss as to what might be wrong. here is the recent crash report which i can only get on hexxit. nothing else.
  18. Hello, I created a server for a modpack(from, but only mod which works is JEI(just enough items) all other mods do not work can you help me?
  19. Shameless copypaste: It appears you're running an Intel iGPU that has issues with Java 8 past version 60. You will need to downgrade your current Java install. Please follow the instructions below. 1.) Completely close the Technic launcher. DO NOT skip this step. 2.) Download: 3.) Run the Java installer called: jre-8u25-windows-x64.exe that you just downloaded 4.) Follow the on screen instructions of the Java installer. Stick with the default settings. Click next or accept for each screen. 5.) After the Java installer has finished installing Java. Start up the Technic launcher again. 6.) Click on the tab called MODPACKS at the top of the window. 7.) Click on the button that says Launcher options in the top right of the window 8.) Click on the tab called Java settings 9.) Click on the dropdown called Minecraft Java Version 10.) Click on the option called 1.8.0_25 64-Bit 11.) Change Memory to a value between 2 GB and 6 GB. DO NOT allocate more than 6gb. 12.) Attempt to launch a modpack. DO NOT update Java 8 again as updates past the one you were just provided will not work with your system and cause crashes.
  20. So uh yeah, you had this log, but you cut it off just before it got to the good part.
  21. i cant get any error logs to pop up, don't know how to access them either, only one that pops up is for hexxit, if i get anything out of it i'll post the pastebin link for it. UPDATE; here is the link.
  22. currently im having an issue while im hosting a tekxit 3 sever for me and a friend. I try to launch tekxit for myself through the Technic launcher but it just resets the launcher with no changes, any help using these logs I can provide?
  23. A log is a big text file. Pastebin ( is a site that allows you to upload a lot of text.
  24. How do you do that, I'm not really too tech savvy
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