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  2. When I try to install a pack, it works fine, until it reaches "Installing Minecraft..." at which point it hangs. I've tried the MCAS Minestck pack, and even just Vanilla, but it still hangs on 0%.
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  4. Thank you but that is not the issue. I appreciate it though.. Still not working after deleting player profile so not sure what to do....
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  6. Not a single modpack loads with the same error. Help me please!
  8. Ok nvm I disabled fullscreen and it worked idk why
  9. Was running some Pixelmon with my buddies when I decided to get off, everything worked fine up until I closed the launcher, forgot to check something, and tried to start the launcher again. Instead of having both Hexxit and Pixelmon Generations, the only two packs I had downloaded, they suddenly became uninstalled even though in the modpacks folder I can clearly see both Hexxit and Pixelmon, I'm really lost at this point, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I need help with a problem i have with any Technic mod pack. Whenever i download a mod pack it downloads fine however when i hit play the launcher disappears as normal but then re opens without starting the mod-pack. I would appreciate any help whenever anyone can.
  11. Some things you can try: Reinstall java Uninstall older java versions If you have RivaTuner Statistics server running, turn global application detection level to 'none' (This is what my problem was)
  12. When I try and get on to my friends server recently, it says "Internal exception: Bad packet id 72" I'm not sure what to do. I've tried deleting the mod-pack and reinstalling, signing out of my account on the Technic launcher, and him resetting the server, but it just does the same thing. I have tried searching the web but came to no conclusion why it does this. So here I am with an account, asking for help. 😢😬 The version/release is 1.6.4. But yeah any help would be great! The computer I am using is a mac if that helps.
  13. Portforwarding is fine as it is, as long as you don't open certain ports. Hamachi, for example, is a much larger issue, as it opens a massive hole in the firewall. Important things to consider is if there's still any firewall blocking java. If you didn't change anything, there might still be one more firewall rule blocking java, and you need just that one. With localhost, did you mean or localhost?
  14. I dont really know how to help you but what I do know is that port forwarding makes your PC vulnerable to hackers that want to get into your PC. I recommend you to turn it off and find a better solution. I use Aternos to open servers. I hope I helped you
  15. When I try to open any modpack the Technic launcher is closing for a second and then opens again, It doesn't open the modpack. Logs:
  16. I to have had this bug.. it also happens to wild chocobos. usually if they go into the water and you walk out of sight.. i had to scrap a really nice map where i was conveniently located near a village, temple, and dungeon. as in they were all on top of each other.. which was amazing! in any case. my problem started when my baby chocobo grew up.. i tried using MCedit to remove the horde.. but.. sadly i apparently missed a few cause when i jumped back in.. they multiplied yet again.. but they were all the wild ones.. my two tame ones only duped on first play.. but they don't move they just float where they are bobbing up and down. funny thing is you can tame the clone and it tames the mobile... any who just my thoughts.
  17. Oh my gosh, I feel so dumb now. Thank you very much! Feel free to check out my modpack, "Eavan's Medieval Modpack" (I has discord)
  18. The launcher only takes .zips, .rars are denied. No, renaming your .rar to a .zip does not work.
  19. Here is the download file: Rulanium.rar?dl=1 someone knows why my modpack fails to download?
  20. Dropbox works fine. Just make the download link, manually change the 0 to a 1.
  21. Type of Bug: In-Game Bug - Reproduction rate: 10/10 (everytime) - Steps to reproduce: Opened Technic Launcher started Blightfall Blightfall loads Load my world "waowh" (The name of the world) Blightfall crashes Back to Techic Launcher menu - Expected result: My Blightfall world should load and be ready to play. - Observed result: Blightfall crashes and the launcher menu reappears - Logs: Launcher Log: (Technic launcher crash report) - Additional Comments: This world was an old world that tried to put back into a new blightfall modpack. I have since then, switch my Minecraft/Mojang-name (DK_toby to TobyCoff) also, as I said the world is old, from 2015 august I think (but the last time I used the world, was 2019 august-september).
  22. Hiya hiya! So I believe Dropbox has made it so only those with Dropbox Pro+ can edit their download links (from the 0 to 1). I'm currently looking for alternatives, but haven't gotten any that I've tested to work for me. So far I've tried Mediafire, Google Drive, and OneDrive. If any of these worked for you, please help me out by telling me as to how you managed to do so! If none of these worked for you and something else other then the listed did (that is free), please inform me. Thank you! ~LIttleEavan Naturally this should be compatible with Technic, I'm not looking for a manual download o_O
  23. JaariAtmc

    No Game Sound

    Yeah, that's Mojang's own fault. They put the original sounds/music download server offline. They "fixed" that, but that update broke forge (and due to the age of hexxit, no, that's not getting fixed). Come join the Technic Discord and we'll tell you how to get the sounds/music working.
  24. Look im just trying to play some mods, but for some reason technic launcher cant install vanilla minecraft, it gets to installing minecraft assets and gets stuck at 49% any helpo would be great.
  25. Archaon888

    No Game Sound

    I loaded up the game for the first time and I have no game sound. None in the menu or in the singleplayer world I created. The settings are set to 100% for sound and music, but I have neither. I have already tried restarting the game, to no effect.
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