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  2. New problem The game hard crashes during the preinitialization phase when it tries to initialize RebornCore Edit: Found the issue, it was an outdated version
  3. Oh my god. Dont know how I went through 6 diferent itterations before i found out I was forgetting to swap it to a .zip Thanks a lot man, and sorry for the trouble. Im pretty new when it comes to making technic modpacks
  4. custom pack issue. Moved to Platform Pagoda logs can be found by clicking the Cog-Wheel button on the top right corner on the launcher window. Paste it on and give us a link
  5. have you read our guide?
  6. Pixelmon have their own discord and forums. Moving this to Cafe Lame as this is more minecraft than off topic related.
  7. Too many folders, and the bin folder is missing.
  8. Don't use a .rar, it needs to be .zip. No, renaming the .rar to a .zip does not work.
  9. Hello, I am here too bring up a factor in console clients. I brought this up because I am playing on a Pixelmon Modpack that I need to afk in some areas. I was wondering if there is a Way too get the client for that modpack so I can do my own thing. If you have awnsers too this statement please leave it here or if I dont see it u can msg me on Discord @PikaPikaTbnr#1322 Thank you for Helping ~*Signature Gnomes eat your signature! Oh Noes!...*
  10. Any time I try to run minecraft with mods (usually Tekkit Legends or Hexxit - (I've tried FTB Ultimate Reloaded but that doesn't even get anywhere into the game) it will load and play for a bit until I do something like kill an animal, try to look thru catalogue - anything not super basic - and then will crash. I've had error messages saying I don't have enough RAM but I'm running a 16GB with at least 7GB free - I have it set to 3G for java 64bit, latest version and the java seems to be the problem. I've updated all my drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled both java and mods - no luck. Any suggestions on why it's not working and how to solve? :c just want to play mods with friends
  11. Update Tried to make a new modpack and im still getting the same issue
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  13. So I tried making a modpack but ran into a problem. It won't run forge. I have been trying for two years to get this to work, watching videos, reading articles, nothing helps. I really need some help here. Download link: Modpack name: cheechee (test name, don't ask)
  14. So i created a custom modpack, went through a couple o fversions to make sure the mods were working correctly together and now im getting this error Dunno what to do Edit: sorry heres the pack
  15. never mind still having the download problem, some help would be appreciated heres the error im getting
  16. New problem, did a few different versions to add needed mods, now im getting an error that says the pack cant be downloaded edit: figured it out, was a problem with the dropbox link
  17. Whenever I try and play the Mod, it never get past the loading sequence "Initializing mods Phase 1". it will load till about 35% through the "PreInitializing" on the second loading bar, and then just stop. Won't ever go any further that 46% (furthest I've ever gotten with it). Sometimes it goes back to the technic Launcher, or sometimes it'll just stay like that with nothing moving for however much time its left there. If someone knows how to fix this, and is willing to share how to do so, that would be awesome! (If it helps, I am on a macOS Mojave, Version 10.14.4, and trying to play the "ScottehBoeh: WW2 Pack")
  18. Thanks a lot !!! but now i have a other question. How can i do for than my server will be automaticly inside my modpack.
  19. Glad it worked But of course since I'm on a Mac, after this problem was fixed, a new problem arose from the abyss. lol
  20. Yeah, who wheres short shorts? Anyways, you got 4 duplicate mods, and your version of Colossal chests is wrong. Your task to find the 4 duplicate mods.
  21. One of my attack of the b-team worlds crashes the game when the world loads. All the other worlds seem to work fine! This is a crash report - crash-2019-04-18_19.53.17-server.txt I'm not sure anyone knows any potential fixes to this, but if you do please let me know!
  22. So i just recently created a custom modpack based off of a guide. As far as i know i did everything correct, but, when i try to launch the modpack the technic launcher goes away, and then pops back up a couple of seconds later without even starting minecraft. modpack: just ignore all the stupid shit, its for a bunch of friends
  23. If looking for an free solution, use dropbox. You will have to press the share button, then press the Copy Link, which will give you the link to put it on Technicpack. Make sure to change the ?dl=0 to ?dl=1. ?dl=0 DOES NOT WORK.
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