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    Pretty great server, nice market plugin and kind people. Sometimes it lags or crash, but this happens only at the end of wipe. I have played 1000+ hours on this server and I really enjoyed it. Ingame nickname: lika85456
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    ola Hi all, just wanted to write a quick review of the game (for more shopping sprees tehe ) and let the Gals of tekkit know its quite fun. Ive played multiple versions and enjoy making large farms in different areas theres even a mushroom island to explore for! Think sims but different graphics, they grow on you.
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    Hello, I'm HiNiceUsernameNowMine, you seem to miss some mods. First, download these two. No 9mc mods please. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/not-enough-items-1-8/files https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/codechicken-lib-1-8/files Now, add this mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/notenoughids/files/2695044 Once you've done so and tested, please report back.
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    GamerTag : Beno_Dugo I really enjoy this server and in the past 4 months I've pumped out a good 150 hours roughly. It's really enjoyable and the community is so friendly.
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    This server is one of the best in my opinion people are nice and not toxic and everyone is so helpful. Hopefully the server never goes down and if needed ill support it for as long as i could. Best wishes to the server owner. VU17th
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    Shivaxi RlCraft won't launch!

    Eh. You actually got 3 issues. 1. Your graphics drivers are outdated (Intel HD graphics), and this is due to you likely having upgraded this computer from an older windows version to Windows 10. 2. If updating graphics drivers doesn't work, you'll have to downgrade your java to 8u51/8u25, as that's the last update that worked in this case. 3. You'll need to use java 64bits. The link in point 2 already provides a 64bits option. Currently you are allocating 512 MB, which is nowhere near enough RAM to use modded 1.12.2.
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    Shivaxi RlCraft won't launch!

    There's a Open Logs button under Launcher Options. Use the relevant day's log. Upload it to pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com (if too large for pastebin). Share the link here.
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    Remember that part where it said to name the file "modpack.jar"? In your case, only name it "modpack".
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    Modpack crashes

    Eh, its what you get after the gazillionth case of this...
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    Dark matter

    @auriga60 Thanks for sharing your build and that bit of information. It helped me narrow in on understanding dark matter creation, and cut through a lot of the rumors. In kind, I decided to share my build as well, in hopes it might useful to others. I went with a 4-beam architecture using eight particle accelerators. It is completely automated and produces about 24 dark matter every 20 min, or 1.2 DM/min. To control the automation I used a timer, OR gate, invert cell, and state cell from ProjectRed. The timer is set to a couple of seconds after the particles collide (e.g. 43 seconds). Then it triggers the invert cell which runs a redstone signal into the OR gate for about 1.1 seconds just to shut the particle accelerators off and reset their operation. Afterwards, the invert cell returns to its normal OFF state allowing the accelerators to turn on and begin the whole process all over again. Simply hook up an ME system to the accelerators or use a JABBA barrel or something to make sure there is always junk to accelerate and that you can pull out your dark matter. In my case I used EnderIO item conduits and set them to run in parallel, then just set some whitelists on the conduits at certain points. Also, FYI, I have creative energy cells from TE supplying power for this test build, but it seems like each accelerator is using 5,000 RF. So you can only run two accelerators per redstone energy conduit line when you power these in your survival game. It is a fairly expensive build being there are 5988 electromagnets in the design. Although it would be easy to build, it's certainly something you would work up to in survival. What makes this nice is the facility is sufficiently large enough in perimeter that I can just run an antimatter ring around it and share the electromagnets. This allows you to have an all-in-one location for your antimatter/dark matter needs. Pics are in the spoiler tags:
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    I am working on a modpack for a custom server and I noticed that some modpacks have a mod list tab that lists all the mods and their authors. Does anyone know how to get this list in the description. I would like to be able to give the mod creator's credit for their mods.


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