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    PLEASE NOTE: This pack is designed for one specific server which is why we provide no server files. Please do not attempt to replicate our server. Thank you. MODPACK LINK - http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wild-west-frontier.185231 API (copy and paste this into technic launcher); http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/wild-west-frontier Having Issues? Please look here: http://wildwest.retg.net/common-fixes/ Our Official Discord Climb aboard the modpack that throws you back to the days of the ol' west. We aim to provide an authentic yet fun experience to satisfy the desires of any western loving person. Old Screenshots Here you will find custom content, including new guns and artwork, a item based economy with a separate land deed system for towns. This server is full PvP so gang together to survive bandits or become bandits yourselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our Community We take a very relaxed stance with players and generally allow most things as long as they are not derogatory to any player or the server (i.e. Racism, Abuse, Hacks, Exploits) so feel free to make yourself at home without fear. Our community has been around for over 3 years now and we have accomplished a lot in that time and we hope to continue with our accomplishments. We really do hope you enjoy your stay with us, no matter what the length. For more info about us, please check our site wildwest.retg.net Standard community rules: 1. No Hacking. 2. No exploitation of bugs or glitches. 3. No racism, religious speech or other idealism. 4. Dont harass other players and community members. 5. No spamming, advertising or excessive swearing/CAPS. 6. Respect the staff - They are here for you. 7. Do not abuse staff members, we are here to help and we try hard to keep a low ban rate. 8. Have fun! Wild West Frontier specific rules: 9. Dont use /sethome or /back in others claimed territory or to reengage in PVP. 10. Please try to make your town a town, we dont like seeing underground bases. 11. Have your town be "raid"able. Have entrances(doors/gates/ect) to your town/houses. Just so people have a "chance" of getting a jump on you, or you forgetting to close it. 12. Dont make any lagmachines/ pointless contraptions. 13. Destroying/blocking roads (or near 3 blocks of one) are not allowed, and is harshly punished. And remember: An Admins word is final!
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    i am still struggling with this, any time i open the technic jar file it pops up with the java logo in my dock then goes away as if i didnt click anything
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    Lord Ptolemy

    Crash with The 1.12.2 Modpack.

    Not a launcher issue. Moved to Server OP Swap.
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    Honestly Such a Great server, i've personally always loved this modpack been playing it for years and after not touching it for a couple years this server made it really easy for me to just hop back in and have some fun, everythings layed out simply to avoid confusion, the marketplace makes it easier to just jump back into the action always easy to find what you need and not to mention the town feature to protect your builds and land make it less of a hassle. Outright great modpack but players are a bit low of a player count so i give this server an overall 4/5 rating. absolutely in love with it.
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    I understand that minecraft took out sounds for older versions. Do all of you just live without sounds or did you find a workaround? Ive been trying for over an hour to find the version 1.4.7 files and put them in manually but with no luck. :/
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    First server i played in a long time. There are alot of people on at all times and everyone plays along and helps you when you need it. IGN: DSLGLITCHERS
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    when trying to connect to my own server running off the same pc i get this: internal client error java.net.socketexception address family not supported by protocol family connect yet i can connect to the server from another pc on the same network iv tried the -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true command i cmd and in the args of the launcher
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    Dropbox works fine. Just make the download link, manually change the 0 to a 1.
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    Its a good server for noobs. The players are helpfull and nice. The shops system is helpfull. In-Game Name: Cuslen
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    can`t change my memory

    Use 64bit java (you are using 32bit). To install that, download the OFFLINE installer from java.com.
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    I, PumpkinMuncher69, find this server to be absolutely delightful. Great community, and a nice store/market!
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    This is by far the best Tekkit I've ever played. I spend hours every day.
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    Server has improved a lot since I played on it the last time. You can hop in with your friends and actually enjoy it. Staff is really helpful when you are having some problems. Very few banned items meaning you can explore a lot RewVenN Peace!
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    Hello, I'm HiNiceUsernameNowMine, you seem to miss some mods. First, download these two. No 9mc mods please. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/not-enough-items-1-8/files https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/codechicken-lib-1-8/files Now, add this mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/notenoughids/files/2695044 Once you've done so and tested, please report back.
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    GamerTag : Beno_Dugo I really enjoy this server and in the past 4 months I've pumped out a good 150 hours roughly. It's really enjoyable and the community is so friendly.
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    Shivaxi RlCraft won't launch!

    Eh. You actually got 3 issues. 1. Your graphics drivers are outdated (Intel HD graphics), and this is due to you likely having upgraded this computer from an older windows version to Windows 10. 2. If updating graphics drivers doesn't work, you'll have to downgrade your java to 8u51/8u25, as that's the last update that worked in this case. 3. You'll need to use java 64bits. The link in point 2 already provides a 64bits option. Currently you are allocating 512 MB, which is nowhere near enough RAM to use modded 1.12.2.
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    Custom modpack

    I just tested it - works fine. maybe because you also just have updated it i've one question: how did you solve? i've maybe a similar issue with my modpack. Do you use EnderIO? because the latest one won't work with technic launcher.
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    This is the best server ive ever play on every one will help you if you dont know what to do i recommend this to anyone my in game name is ManiacMan2905
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    Canned response from one of our bots: Please download this file, then RightClick->Run as Administrator. This should clear Java Settings that are being stored in your OS, which interfere with Technic. This script was written by the main author of this bot, Khio, and can be trusted. http://download.uskarian.net/technic/clearJavaEnvVars.bat
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    Get java 8 64bit. Forge will not work with anything higher than java 8. https://java.com/en/download/windows_offline.jsp
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    Can't connect to server

    Yeah, its so weird you get a vanilla server when you boot up the vanilla server. Where'd your forge server go?
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    I've been playing the server since August of 2016 on and off and for me it is the go to Tekkit server anytime I want to play. My minecraft username is m_l_alexander
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    Server is allright, everything is fine, maybe lagging times to times, but thats what happens when you play modded minecraft i think server is good quality, i just wish you could see people in the live map again, but its just my opinion thanks creators
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    I really enjoy this server store prices are fare and its easy to start and hangout with friends.
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    Can't login using my E-mail

    So, what does it say in the lower right corner of the launcher?
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    cool Amazing server I recomend this to players who like modded & chill servers. Staff great, overall server is fun to play. -Gamecube11 IGN: Gamecube11
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    An amazing server for tekkiteers!! Nice community players/staff... and Fabulous market prices for ingame ranks! You wouldn`t ever regret playing in this server! I cant forget to mention daily amazing rewards and vote parties tho!!~ IGN ~ XBladesShadowX
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    Do exactly like how you made the modpack in the first place (bin folder), except remove current modpack file and replace it with forge 1566+ renamed to modpack. Edit: And if you delete anything that's not part of the bin folder, well, don't unless you know what you are doing.
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    Thought I'd post this as a warning so people won't suffer what I have. So, this story starts yesterday, which I had a world glitch which made the game forget my save existed, despite it being in the correct folder and everything. Found a dodgy, but ulimately successful fix, on this very forum no less. Everything seemed to be fine, and I was very happy. Today, I was playing this world for another few hours, working on getting a new project up and running.The world started to get laggy, a quick check showed it was a RAM thing, so I just restarted the world as a temp fix. However, when I got back in, all those hours of progress had been completely rolled back. Nothing in my inventory was wrong, but every interaction I'd had with the world, block placing, item moving, chest sorting, it had all been undone. I ran a few tests and quickly realized the unfortunate problem. Turns out that dodgy fix meant the world will no longer save progress. Or some other bug occured that led to it. I'm not sure of the cause, although I am sure there's probably some very technical thing I could do to fix this, but I wasn't nearly invested in this particular world enough to care. I just deleted it, and I'll start over again soon after I care enough to play again. But I'm posting this here for two reasons: firstly, to see if anyone does have one of those technical fixes for people who are further along than I was, and secondly, as a firm reminder of how important world backups are with mods. That may not need stating at all, and may be super obvious to everyone. But I'll say it anyways, cause its still a good idea. May the rest of you never suffer this unfortunate and strange bug, and I hope you have a good time tekkiting. -Emperorson
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    Review of this server: This server, though has been reset multiple times, is the go-to server whenever I hop onto tekkit the reason being, it's a friendly server with friendly staff. This server gets rid of the early game grind (by proving vote material and the community market) which helps to boost players towards end game faster than any other server. 10/10 would recommend to anyone starting out!IGN: OrphixGGG
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    Unable to create a modpack

    You did not change the file from a .rar to a .zip. You renamed it to a .zip. That does not work. It may look like it works, but its essentially a semi-corrupted file now. Also, you included too many folders. You only need bin (which should only contain the modpack jar, not all those other files), config, mods (get your mods off curseforge or minecraftforum please, no 9mc crap, and yes, Modname-Mod-MCversion is really obvious 9mc crap), and you need the Flan folder. Why have you included a world save? Its quite large. Also, why's there a Cache folder included? >.>
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    Launcher won't open any mod packs

    JaariAtmc Member Members 93 1737 posts Report post Posted April 16 JaariAtmc Member Members 92 1710 posts Report post Posted Saturday at 12:11 AM Posted Tuesday at 09:45 PM 0 JaariAtmc Member Members 92 1704 posts Report post Posted March 6 TechniKhittyBOTToday at 7:42 PM You appear to be having an issue with an unsupported Intel Graphics device and Windows 10. This issue is common for older computers and Windows 10. We recommend, if it's a desktop, to get a dedicated graphics, as it is always a better option, anyways. However, there is a fix. Please press WindowsKey + X and click on "Programs and Features" and uninstall all copies of Java. After that, install Java 8 from this link: http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=98428 Start up the launcher and try again.
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    this is the best server for this modpack i have ever played it keeps people from ruining the game expierence with game breaking glitches and if something happens that is the staff or servers fault they fix it or replace whatever was lost in my eyes this server is a 8/10 cuz no server is perfect in game name is phantomninja420
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    The Tekkit Main server by Craftersland is one of the best Tekkit Main servers out there. With the friendly community, a small number of items that are banned, and nice staff. I have played on the server for about 2 days and it is the perfect tekkit server to enjoy casual Minecraft. IGN: MrSebastianNL
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    So basically i play on a new world for about 4 hours then log off for the night. Then the next morning turn on my computer and boot up tekkit legends. And then when i go to load into my world it loads in for about a second and then i can see the world then it will crash. Very frustrating please help if anyone has an answer.
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    This did not work for me. It continues to crash after I dropped it in. it says checking minecraft assets and the launcher crashes back to the same page.
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    A little help with the launcher?

    Nope. No help whatsoever for Pixelmon. Now if it was any other modpack, I would suggest you go to Modpack Options, press Specific Options and choose the version I want to play, then press Reinstall Modpack. But nope, not going to tell you how to do exactly this now that you said you are playing pixelmon.
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    Launcher not installing.

    We need logs to help with this issue.
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    Dark matter

    @auriga60 Thanks for sharing your build and that bit of information. It helped me narrow in on understanding dark matter creation, and cut through a lot of the rumors. In kind, I decided to share my build as well, in hopes it might useful to others. I went with a 4-beam architecture using eight particle accelerators. It is completely automated and produces about 24 dark matter every 20 min, or 1.2 DM/min. To control the automation I used a timer, OR gate, invert cell, and state cell from ProjectRed. The timer is set to a couple of seconds after the particles collide (e.g. 43 seconds). Then it triggers the invert cell which runs a redstone signal into the OR gate for about 1.1 seconds just to shut the particle accelerators off and reset their operation. Afterwards, the invert cell returns to its normal OFF state allowing the accelerators to turn on and begin the whole process all over again. Simply hook up an ME system to the accelerators or use a JABBA barrel or something to make sure there is always junk to accelerate and that you can pull out your dark matter. In my case I used EnderIO item conduits and set them to run in parallel, then just set some whitelists on the conduits at certain points. Also, FYI, I have creative energy cells from TE supplying power for this test build, but it seems like each accelerator is using 5,000 RF. So you can only run two accelerators per redstone energy conduit line when you power these in your survival game. It is a fairly expensive build being there are 5988 electromagnets in the design. Although it would be easy to build, it's certainly something you would work up to in survival. What makes this nice is the facility is sufficiently large enough in perimeter that I can just run an antimatter ring around it and share the electromagnets. This allows you to have an all-in-one location for your antimatter/dark matter needs. Pics are in the spoiler tags:
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    Lack of natural spawns

    except thats the wrong basalt at level 9 that artifice basalt not project red basalt
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    well, try increasing the memmory allocation in the launcher to 2gb and try it out again. I know SOME people have issues with optifine and disappearing blocks but i've never heard of a fix for it, so you'd need to pick someone else's brain about that. Also worth just double checking you have the latest graphics drivers installed. Apart from that i'm a bit lost. If it's hapenning in technic SSP as well then the server side stuff is irrelevant because you are getting the same issue single player. It's a graphics issue since the blocks aren't changing, you just aren't displaying them properly and AFAIK optifine is the only graphics display related change in tekkit. If increasing memmory allocation and driver update don't help i'd try a bit of optifine related googling or hoping someone else comes up with something on here.


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