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    i vouch for this guy
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    Attack of the B-Team is a modpack developed by Technic, the creators of Tekkit, and includes a large variety that are mainly about 'crazy mad science'. The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods. Whitelist Sign up: The B-Team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. Ways to sign up for the whitelist: Erebus forumsPlanet MinecraftMinecraft Forums?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic ForumsServer rules:1. No Griefing 2. No killing other players without consent 3. No asking for items 4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming Donation Store: To keep the server going we need donations and there are 3 packages in the B-Team store (Link). Dynamic Map: We also have a Dynamic map for exploring areas around the server (Link). Tutorials: If you are new to the server or need help you can browse through our tutorials (Link). Sphax Texturepack: The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it (Link). Modpack Download: Downloading the modpack is pretty simple and can be found here. Once you launch it select 'Attack of the B-Team' and hit play. Whitelist Application To sign up for the Attack of the B-Team server you will need to answer a few simple questions. Staff will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know that you have been accepted. All players will be accept. IP: erebus-bteam.sytes.net Leave your reply in the comments: Minecraft username: Where you found this server? Why you want to be on this sever? What are you planning on doing on the server? Your favourite colour? Have fun. | Whitelist Application: Erebus Fourms, PMC, Minecraft Forums, ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums | | Sphax Texturepack | Modpack download | Server Store | Tutorials | Dynamic Map |
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    Server IP: shnoop123.no-ip.org Server rules- 1. No greifing 2. No cursing 3. Respect other players 4. Obey admins 5. Do not impersonate admins 6. No cheating 7. Don't leave when admins are speaking to you 8. Admins and server owner have full authority to change rules to how they see fit. Do not disobey! 9. Pranks ARE ALLOWED but no griefing, if you want to prank don't blow up their house or steal 10. NO duplicating 11. No X-raying texture packs or mods 12. No random dirt pillars 13. No wrecking the terrain unless its by your house 14. No stealing 15. No rapid killing for no reason 16. Follow what other peoples signs say like if your in a shop pay the amount they say, otherwise wait for them to be on and their to roleplay with them 17. No advertising other servers 18. Don't ask to be an admin, that is earned, and asking for it is disobeying the rules 19. You are responsible for your ip. If you get ip banned because of your "family" there is nothing I can do as of right now. YOU are responsible 20. Do not give our base coordinates unless they are yours. Even then, you may be checked/or banned! 21. Keep up with the rules! They are constantly changing to fit our needs 22. If you make a tropicraft portal, or if you use one, let me know for the time being! If someone is caught breaking rules it would be highly appreciated to have a video or screen shoot(with your mouse over them so we can really see if it is them with the "block id-er") Server logs are a bit annoying and I would hate for any of my time to be wasted Removed mods- none! banned items- none! major plugins- used the server download, so just normal mods description- I had two worlds, one creative, and one survival. I wanted to start wars so me and my friends developed teams. It was so fun that we decided to make it open to the public When will the server be up? : We try to keep it up most hours of the day, and some at night (EST) this is subject to change The community- On our legit world there is a bit less roleplay but we want a friendly group on there at least, and a group also WILLING to learn as we may roleplay different than other roleplay servers as I have roleplayed for over 7 years on multiple games, apps, and other places and I like to keep things a certain way. Details needed for Whitelist/Greylist applications- Fill out this application ======Joining server application====== -player section- Minecraft username: (optional)Age: Why you want to play on this server: How you found this server: Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?: How well do you know the mods?: How often do you play?: Why do you feel you should be accepted?: I have read the rules and know I will get banned for breaking them: yes/no -Roleplay section- Role-play character's name: Character's background story: Character's age: ====================================== History: In the "creative world" we had a nuclear fallout, before switching to a more stable modpack. Evil Dan wanted to eradicate the world of its resources and is unwilling to take prisoners. The noble king shnoop, who is a dictator, was able to use this "Rebellion" to gain the support of the people and such to mount up a small army ready to take action against Dan. On the survival world we landed in a new land and we split up just like before, but Dan isn't at his former glory yet, his base still needs work compaired to the almighty dictator, who will win this war? Current admins: Rank - username jr. admin - pvm_sam jr. admin - shnoop321 jr. admin - firew1re server owner - shnoop123 Head Helper - ultimate_game_r jr. admin - dan_core Head of roleplay - essence1602 Current whitelisted: username - character's roleplay name pvm_sam shnoop321 assasin0211 shnoop123 ultimate_game_r dan_core essence1602 Bulletsucket Kztsallstar taterswag PieLovesAmber Akkilles Doooodlez vinviiiin - Albertus Kotifah TravelingFurry - Melody nbrew8 - Vislar chipey2000 - Xiu Elderheart xdurantula - Jack Ryan kenneth49029 - Althalos blazer656 SpeakerDj243 - Zeke Tempest invaderzim1015 - Isaac Clarke ForTheWin121 - Ellamin kevymabry07 - Lewis Henry praise2gouda - Scarlet Loreoth andyquez onyx_pheonix XxLoliGamerxX - craftestien toriko111 - ??? NadeAcquired _Browning - Andrew O'dell Prymark - "Ranger772" Quantum_Ninja911 - Dr.Quantum (Edward Quantum) Hades72 - Blaze saleens66 MrStickyStick - Nathan concrist - Asterius Vale firew1re jaybird3221 - Serrella Dunwall lunarembrace - "midnight" ToBeRtZzZz skylordkeaton omgikwileennaam DocDaftros mirac1999mirac TheGavino curti140 - Curt Reingard agent918273 - Will Strautin Revolution25 - "Rev" 17Bearclaw llarssie - "Double U" kellodo - "Witch of the north" XoxSurviverxoX Saedin - "S" Majestic_Ghost Killerjack98 clamy7 - Ater Luka_Kacavenda brunolarzan - Seth Macdove mattbcraft - "Tint" yuri2015 dmanH4L0 - Tim PyroChillzGamer - David Crowe noahsawyckyj firey727 - Patrick Ranford MrSlime77 - "Kit" funker23 beng363 teenage_tears Hg_80 - Hydrargyrum Nocturne nickyboy0602 - "U kid" BrownsKickButt - Raven Blood Crystal pgskater Hackerball - Umanie marbvb archsoc2001 - Joel Archer Astonyen Dolbinater - "Jungle Jim" 9012784365 - Jimmy meerkat004 - Draco ColdHeart TheCreeperPWNR bobby807 Doomsday2104 JFelixB acdcrocks1998 Sebass129 Mrscarygame tookiemonster1 Thaeldrim fungirl99
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    Rules: just play fair. be treated how you want to be treated pranks are fine, i wont tell you how to play minecraft, just play the way you would want others to play with you. this server will be based on the honors system, thats why its whitelisted. application: age... how often will you play on the server? are you willing to play fair? will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? a little information about the server... this server is largely based off of mindcrack. I want to be able to trust the players on my server, thats why its whitelisted, there are NO plugins or for anti cheating or anti griefing etc... the server is hosted by mcprohosting so it will be online 99% of the time and runs with no lag whatsoever. there are NO ranks. everybody is equal on this server. i just made this server to have fun with other players... i expect you to be respectful and HAVE FUN. if you want to be added to the whitelist, post your application below, and i will give you the IP, however if you refuse to play respectfully, you will be banned. .
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    We are officially open!!!!! IP: hub.cc-mc.cc About Hello I love Attack of the B Team and would like to make a server. As of now the server is not created this is a post merely requesting if you guys would be interested. We are a community looking for 15 year olds and older. We would be a build server where the sole purpose is to build and enjoy all Attack of the B Team has to offer. PVP would be allowed but only with the other players consent. There are no banned mods since we hate to limit you guys! Banned Mods: none Why Join Us? Why join us with all the other Attack of the B- Team servers out there? Well our server has no PVP unless the other player consents so you'll never have to worry about getting raided and you can still PVP unlike on other servers so you can still have friendly duels with other people! We run on 6 GB's of RAM and will upgrade if we have to. This server is for those who want to fully appreciate what Attack of the B- Team has to offer while having fun with a nice community. Major Plugins Some major plugins we would have are Greif Prevention, Essentials, Essentials Spawn, Votifier, GAListener, PEX, Chat Manager, etc....
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    I have not been on the technic forums for over a year, but today I desided to come and check them out again. I see only 3 active posts per forum and barely any activity in the off topic. WHAT HAS HAPPENED!?! Kaker has not posted in a while, neither has Cheapshot, and it seems like most of the celebs have moved to FTB. Also, it seems like hardly anything new is going on packwise. All this leaves me a little depressed at what the glory of technic has become. I never hear anything anymore on the evilness of technic. I don't think Sir Sengir or FC even remember you all for how deserted this is. I mean, where are is all the "hate speech" that used to go on here. Now all that seemes to be left are people whining, "Join my server!" or, "Why is this so buggy?" And finally, why is kittyjail still alive? That post is older than most anything else on the forums. If any of you can briefly catch me up to speed, that would be nice.
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    Enderstorage has a java 1.7 requirement; build 1.2.8e reverts all Chickenbones mods to their previous java 1.6 versions in order to fully support our Java 1.6 users (old Mac users, this means you!)   To upgrade to 1.2.8e, select the small gear below the Tekkit modpack listing, then either "Always use latest builds" or "Manually select a build", choose 1.2.8e as the Build, and then Save.     The server is available here.   To upgrade from 1.2.8d, simply replace the Chickenbones mods with the following versions:   ChickenChunks codechickencore EnderStorage notenoughitems WR-CBE   This will be pushed as Recommended tomorrow morning ideally.
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    @noahsawyckyj You are accepted but I expect you to use better spelling and grammar if you are to roleplay with us. Also your role-play character is subject to change. EDIT: existing character so your role-play character is declined, you however are accepted, submit another role-play app in the future to be accepted into the role-play part of the server
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    Name:Silas Age(not required):14.5 Gender(not required):Male Where do i live(for time and lag stuff):Columbus,Ohio Can i host the server(hamachi does not matter for me):I can host the server with hamachi I have Skype btw:finnmcmissle7
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    You both are accepted! But... we will talk about you two's role-play apps. before you begin role-play. Luckily we are still in development stages.
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    IGN(in game name): FetallApallo Reason of wanting to join: so i can play ATOTB and with others and not m y self Your favorite mod: probly gonna be the witchery and carpentirs Age:(optional but you should be 15): 17 Youtube:(optional, I'm personally not doing anything youtube atm): no Skype account(yes or no, it wont hurt your chances of joining): nope
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    I'll play with you! nobody ever wants to play aotbt with me. its all about titanfall with everyone at school now. ok then, here we go name: advacardo age: 14 gender: male i live in england i have no idea how to host a server.
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    Name: FetallApallo Age:17 Gender:Male Where do i live: tampa florida Can i host the server:no cant
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    Fission Reactor Bug

    bugged thermometer. remove it, and shift right click somewhere other then the reactor. Place it down somewhere. then pick it up, shift right click it on your reactor and place it where it should be on your reactor build. Hopefully should fix the issue it is having. They sometimes do that randomly... a slight bug in their new code. That was a fix I figured out mostly by accident when I discovered they can be linked remotely to a given location. you might have to do this again later if it starts acting up again...
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    Thanks for applying guys! I added most of you who sounded credible. I'll message the IP's and whitelist you soon.
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    IGN(in game name): eevee_man Reason of wanting to join:have some place to have fun without the pervs and cussing and with more civilized people Your favorite mod: Witchery (can be like chimm and be a/the villan) Age:(optional but you should be 15): most mature 13 year old you will ever meet( turning 14 in june) Youtube:not yet but maybe soon talking about it with a friend and getting supply's Skype account: yes eevee_man
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    Just when I got some time off the uni
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    Hey guys you think this is he problem? http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/all-your-servers-are-on-fire.75
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    Well then, when will it be open?
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    I am sorry, the server is having some issues and doesn't want to start.
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    Essence to Essence

    This is the system I use for Essence berries and works great. Did nothing to the Autonomous Activator except for placing it down.
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    Perhaps I can help you understand the Towny Problem you seemed to have had. The towny mod lets you Claim plots, to expand your town beyond the initial plot ( which is 16x16 blocks not 12) you have to go to an adjacent area and type "/t claim". I'm assumeing you've never been the mayor of a town before since Every Towny Server does this, the only difference is the plot Sizes vary from one server to the next. But the commands are all usually the same. Now the "towny" world isnt meant to Gather resouces but mearly for base building and a safe area to store your items. there is a Resource world with no protections at all, letting you and everyone else gather what ever they want so that they can tp back to their town with "/t spawn" (which is in the 1st plot you claim by default). As far as you getting raided goes, there isnt much the admin's / mods can do for you since you Were in the PVP world, where Raiding is what you do there, you were in the pvp world, as for how they found you, not a clue. Perhaps they used a Xray resource pack/glitch, or You were unlucky and one of them stumbled on your base while they where mining and tp'd thier freind to them. also if they where Morphed at the time you wouldnt see Any names till after they killed you / remorphed into themselves. If you want to try again i'd be willing to invite you and your Brother into my town, I've ran a few before on several servers, Usually just me a a few friends, or you could mail me any Questions you have about towny commands to me ingame with "/ mail send cilaren [message]. What this seems to be is simply a lack of knowledge of towny commands on your part as well as a lack of helpfullness of the people that where on at that time when you were asking about the towny commands, or perhaps they didn't understand your question, Depending on How is was Phrased, it might have just confused people abit. Or they were thinking someone else would help you and that they didn't need too. The real problem that I see here isnt that you got raided, but that no one was able to respond to your Towny Questions in a timely manner, the Question might have been lost in the general chatter, or perhaps no one that was on at that time had enough knowledge about towny commands and permissions. Hopefully this will resolve your question. Although loseing all your stuff is a bad experience, Trust me ive lost every thing a few time myself. It is not the end of the world or the game, it just means you have to Re-gather / Re-craft Everything you had. which is usually easier the 2nd time around. Hopefully your brother will try modded minecraft on a server again, and will have a better experience with it, since it really is more fun when you have people to share it with. Hopefully you will change your mind about never playing on this server again, since this server is fairly good, and better than alot of Other servers ive tried out before, Both modded and Un-modded.
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    Why's the server down?? I wanted to play Oh and im agreeing with the person who mentioned something about communication within the server, think it'll be really cool, specially getting to know everyone!!
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    Tinkers Tools/Weapons Combos

    Ooh, DS - use the battleaxe instead, it's got a lot more parts for paper modifiers Edit: That's an item I did think it was worth using a nether star on, so I guess you can see where my priorities lie.
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    Your IGN: What is your age? (there ain't no shame )13 Why do you want to join this server?I am looking for a server to play on Are you a explorer, builder or crafter?all What do you expect from this server?Freedom of mods and crafting. Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted)Maybe idk Are you willing to donate? (also this doesn't affect it, just curious hehe)No,maybe idk Are you good at building? (If you are and want too you can help on spawn)Yes and i can help on spawn if im free How much knowledge do you have about this modpack?Alot [edit new question] How active will you be?On the weekend,sometimes on the weekdays Wolf or lion?Wolf
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    Show us your Lair

    There was a thread like this that well kinda got pushed all the way down due to all the "HALP ME PL0XX - NO WORK!" threads. So I think it is nice to restart this. I have just finished up a new area of operations. On my server I have adopted the role of evil warlock and my entire server is working to well....kill me. So my strong hold which is almost ready is pictured below. The floor is littered with landmines, and bridges that collapse and drop you into the lava holes.
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    Help Finding hamsters

    Don't move too fast - they have a tendency to spawn half in the ground, so they'll pop up every few seconds in that case. If you're flying over, you'll miss them.
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    IGN: stefonio Age: 17 What do you like to do: I'm not a builder, miner, or a fighter. I just like to survive in the most efficient ways possible, be it upgrading my home, traveling the world, or whatever. What do you dislike: Most PVP, although I will make an exception every now and then. Also, vanilla diamond mining. What do you like to do in real life: Play music, make covers of music, do computer stuff. Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: MST; Denver, CO; +7:00
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    I was thinking it would be useful to get a way of communicating outside the game, like skype or steam or something like that
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    Can't use technic.

    Please post in the Tracker. Platform Pagoda is for questions regarding custom modpacks
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    1.2.8d Tekkit server crash

    Check the top pinned post in the platform pagoda forum. Basically, you need to update to MCPC+ Build #251.
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    Adding More Magic Mods?

    Extra utilities would be really cool, this pack needs something to kinda aid it! If you get me!
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    Tinkers Tools/Weapons Combos

    I try to find cactus quickly early on as it's useful for a lot of tools - I'll list my preferences in order. Early game: Weapons (damage is important, durability is important, enchantability not important) Blade = Cactus > Flint Crossbar = Bone > Flint > Cactus Rod = Bone > Cactus > Wood Tools (speed important, repair material important, eurability important, enchantability not important) Head = Cactus > Stone Binding = Stone (if not used above for stonebound trait) > Bone > Flint > Cactus Rod = Bone > Cactus > Wood The goal of this stage of the game is to find iron and if possible, blue slime from underneath slime islands (if you can get up on top then that's even better). You'll need sand, clay and gravel for the next step, but you can choose if you want to make that step; The Tool Forge: Earlier access to the excavator, lumber axe and hammer for mining resources quickly, but you lose out on some efficiency by not having the smeltery up first. With B-Teams resources if you're not planning on going to the nether soon or haven't got any access to lava yet then this is a pretty good choice. The Smeltery: This will allow you to switch to making metal tools and increase the output of smelted ores by double. You'll need to do both before moving on, so the only choice is which way around you'd like to do it (if you go smeltery first then you're probably not going to upgrade to second-tier tools until you make metal ones). I find it worth it to start making moss stone at this point to put a moss ball on each of my tools (you need cobblestone and a bucket of water to do this). The mid game has a lot of its options removed (alumite, bronze) by easy access to steel in the B-Team. It's by far the best choice of its tier for most of these things, so unless you feel like it's a bit cheaty you should use it. Cook iron ingots in an ordinary furnace to make steel ingots which you'll melt down in the smeltery. Mid-Game Weapons (damage is important, enchantability is important, durability is important) Blade = Steel > Alumite Crossbar = Paper (if you feel you'll be likely to stay with this tool for a while) > Blue Slime > Steel > Green Slime > Alumite > Bronze > Iron Rod = Blue Slime > Green Slime > Steel > Alumite > Bronze > Iron Enchantment = 1x Moss Ball, Nether Quartz to max if struggling in nether Tools (speed important, enchantability important, durability important, repair material not important) Head = Steel > Alumite > Bronze > Iron (Bronze or Iron are debatable, probably not worth the upgrade effort unless you're never intending to visit the nether in which case put a diamond on it) Binding = Paper (if you feel you'll be likely to stay with this tool for a while) > Blue Slime > Steel > Green Slime > Alumite > Bronze > Iron Rod = Blue Slime > Green Slime > Steel > Alumite > Bronze > Iron Enchantment = 1x Moss Ball, Redstone to max The Mid-game introduces hammers, excavators and lumber axes if you haven't seen them yet. Generally you'll want to make a tool that needs plates with the same material you use for the head unless you're trying to save resources. If you haven't started making moss-balls to auto-repair your tools, now is the time to do that. The goal of this stage is to have the tools you need to mine cobalt and ardite in the nether, and weapons capable of fighting off the nasties you'll find there. The end-game focuses on the nether and two materials you'll make from what you find there, cobalt (for tools) and manyullyn (an alloy of cobalt and ardite for weapons). End-Game Weapons (enchantability is important, damage is important, durability is important) Blade = Manyullyn Crossbar = Paper Rod = Manyullyn > Blue Slime Enchantment = 1x Moss Ball, Nether Quartz to max if struggling in nether, Diamond + Gold block to allow more nether quartz. Tools (speed is important, enchantability is important, durability is important) Head = Cobalt (faster than manyullyn but won't mine manyullyn blocks, not an issue... unless you accidentally place one down) > Manyullyn Binding = Paper Rod = Manyullyn > Blue Slime Enchantment = 1x Moss Ball, Redstone to max, Diamond + Gold block to allow more redstone. There are a few exceptions to this (I like to make a cleaver that does just over 20 damage and add looting for the rest of the enchantments for example) but this covers most things except bows. That should have you sorted for most tools. Bows are a strange one - the bow damage value is irrelevant (it applies to you physically whacking things with the bow rather than using arrows), you only care about its draw speed, arrow speed and durability. Bows Rod = Blue Slime/Green Slime > Wood/Cactus String = Fiery Bowstring > Bowstring Enchantment = 1x Moss Ball, Redstone to max, Diamond + Gold block to allow more redstone (to max draw speed). Metals on bows allow a good arrow speed (on par with slime) but a very slow draw speed (twice as long as slime), even manyullyn isn't worth using for a bow. Arrows (Best Damage) Arrowhead = Manyullyn Rod = Paper Fletching = Feather Fletching Enchantment = Make a full stack of arrows first, then max nether quartz and Diamond + Gold Block to allow more. Arrows (Fast w/no enchantment) Arrowhead = Cactus Rod = Blue Slime/Green Slime Fletching = Feather Fletching Arrows (Cheap but fast - Loader's favorite) Arrowhead = Cactus Rod = Paper Fletching = Feather Fletching > Leaf Fletching (easy to farm the components and so cheap you've got no fear of losing them, very fast arrow makes easier aiming with little drop - still very enchantable for PvP in an emergency and you're familiar with the arrow drop because you probably regularly use them)
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    Interesting little fun story that has happened to me. --------------------------------------------------------------------- For some reason the players on my server have given me the role of evil god tyrant since I am the creator of the server. I never asked for it, nor am I evil. I just happen to shoot ahead of everyone before they had a chance because I had prior experience with B-Team and my fellow denizens happen to, rather unceremoniously, experience first hand witchery because they had no idea what a taglock was. One person happened to wise up to witchery. They created a poppet and somehow got my taglock but didn't know what to do with the voodoo poppet doll. So they were fiddling with it and it just so happened that they figured out how to toss me around...now needless to say I did not inform them of their newfound power so I proceeded along my merry little way......getting tossed every once and a while, no big deal because like I said..they weren't aware of what they were doing and I kept my silence. Crap a tornado, run for it! Yet I cant run....Instead....I am tossed into the tornado which happens to be in a rather terrible biome which then flings me out of it, into a hole which is down to bedrock and filled with lava..... A rather unpleasant day and the individual who tossed me into the tornado with the voodoo doll had no idea of the feat they just accomplished.
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    NEI Cheat mode won't work

    I had the same problem and managed to reactivate the cheat mode toggles kinda by accident. When you open the inventory GUI, you'll see the OPTIONS button in the bottom left as usual. Click on that. At the top right of the options screen is a button that says GLOBAL. Click that (it changes to 'WORLD') then click on the Inventory button and you'll see the normal options but with a bunch of W's next to them on the left. Right click Left click on the "W's" to activate them. This will override the lockout on cheat mode. Go back one page and change the NEI option back to 'GLOBAL' (not sure if that part is necessary, but it's what I did). When you exit out of the options the inventory screen should now show the cheat mode, magnet mode, etc., options available. They look a bit different then they did before the update, but they seem to be working the same.
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    OK update on the reset. I have copied over the players houses that were on or left me a location. Talk to an admin to get it pasted. (admins use //schem list to see them all) Spawn looks great, but needs some work still. Server shop and economy are a work in progress. Look for updates in the next couple days. PVP arena is open and attached to spawn. players do lose money for being killed in the arena, the killer revives some money as a reward. Players caught using gear that is not allowed in the arena will be banned from having them at all. Fight fair and may the best player win. Mining world is active, please use the portal that is straight ahead from /spawn. I'm sure there are more things that i forgot that should be listed. Ender, I have reset your toon but i saved your stuff. Please check with lof or myself to get the chest of your items. To would be greifers and trouble makers, boo on you.
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    Woah i love it congrats.
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    Tech support for the new users?

    I can't rename the tab, but otherwise...done.
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