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    Private Survival Bteam Server

    I just made a full survival Bteam server. I am new to the bteam modpack and need a little help so I decided to have a small community server just like Bdouble0's to get used to the mods and have a little help along the way. There is NO GRIEFING and no pvp unless someone agrees too. To join fill out this application. IGN: AGE: Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: Why do you want to join?: I will send you a message if I accept your application with the server ip.
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    Hello, I have a very big problem. I have created a modpack, it worked at first with about 40 mods, then I changed the name. Now after this, no-matter what I do (reset, taking mods in and out etc.) it justs launches the modpack when I click launch, then it closes and returns straight back to the technic launcher. Any help please, this is so annoying.
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    This is the old posting, please remove and/or allow this topic to sick into oblivion. After 21+ pages of comments and bug fixes and a restart, it seems prudent to start a clean thread for the new server.
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    Try pressing 0 on you numb pad
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    The only server that I really play on. Great staff and community. Nothing more could be asked for
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    A problem with dropbox

    There is a I recommend copy.com.
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    Modpack wont Load

    The version of Keybinds and Macros is outdated/expired. The "Paolos LagLess Shaders" shader pack has MC color codes in the file name. The launcher is dying when it tries to extract this file. You can simply rename the file to take out the color codes and it should work fine.
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    Modpack wont Load

    [B#439] java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:UsersMaxis010AppDataRoaming.technicmodpacksmoonnet-modpackshaderpacks6Paolos aLagLess 4Shaders cv03 1RC7.zip Pulled this from console http://modscraft.by/1062-paolos-lagless-shaders-glsl-shaderpack-odin-iz-samyh-prekrastnyh-sheyderov.html Missing this perhaps?
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    Hey GamingGrandpa, no offense taken. I am having trouble figuring out how I might help you though. It seems to be downloading for myself, a few friends, and my children. I am wondering if it may be an issue with the Technic Platform itself since it struggles to work correctly on the weekend with the mass influx of kiddos. I'll keep messing with it and see if I can repeat your issue to see if/what I can fix.
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    OK i am still fairly new to this and do not wish to offend anyone, but I tried to downlaod your mod and it keeps crashing on the install. The only error I get is [Error downloading file for the following pack: Hexplore-It Failed to download http://resources.download.minecraft.net/ad/ad126e435cca94054bf0d616301799a105526cde Please consult the modpack author.] So I am here hopefully trying to get a hold of the author and to help an old coot here out!! GamingGrandpa
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    Please post cracked servers here

    Oh, I've got it! I know why this feels like such a familiar situation! Deja-vu solved
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    There is a whole section for servers. You will have no trouble finding one there. http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/75-attack-of-the-b-team-servers/
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    App: I play single player and I get so bored that I talk to myself XD IGN: Warman726 Favorite mod(s) in the pack: TConstruct, Thermal expansion, Minion, Morph/Adv.Genetics for flying What kind of player: somewhat tech genius how well do you know mods: I guess I'm pretty good at them
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    IGN:TheHungryBird Age:16 Knowledge: about 7-8 Why I want to join: I've been looking for a small community just like this where we can just have fun, I've been playing on the mod pack for ages on single player and want a group to play with Thanks!!
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    This server is AWESOME! I've played for a few days now, lots of friendly staff and players! This just doesn't get all of the publicity and support that it deserves! Come join! - Sleazy
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    WOW, This looks amazing, how did you get those pictures to look so nice? y'all did a really good Job!
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    I'm so sorry for this. It had to be done.
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    First guess, it's an out of memory problem. You'll probably need to allocate more memory. PermGen might be the thing. Try googling 'minecraft permgen' for some options. Allocating more memory through the launcher might do it too. However, realize that Tekkit's current recommended releases are UNSTABLE and do have a memory leak related to Project Red. For some reason they didn't include the fixes in version e, even after being told about the issue beforehand. Don't know why they're dragging their feet on this issue.
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    Lag Spikes. Need Fix.

    Regardless, some system specs may be nice. It's not like this post gives anyone any unique insight against the range of identical threads out there. What are you running it on, and perhaps you can have a look at what it is that's maxing out on your system during the spikes?
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    Lag Spikes. Need Fix.

    Not that I in any way approve of this post, but if you want help, you should perhaps try posting in an easier to read font, not all bold, and cut the underlining rubbish. You're only going to irritate people as it is.
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    Cheap Shot

    Is Attack of the B-Team Boring???

    The topic died the moment you posted sorry. Your OP was both rude and terrible, lacking any shred of constructive value as you yourself admit here. It would have been locked immediately had there not been left open the chance for real constructive discussion or comedy. You and everyone else in here failed to achieve either. I am very aware that this thread seems to have attracted a very unwelcome collection of people with poor opinions and behaviour, but don't for a second try to act like you're not one of them. You started this, and then you fueled it with rude and snarky posting, giving criticism but not accepting criticism yourself. I'll be punishing people who refuse to behave themselves, but I want you to know that I take issue with your attitude. You are not a "victim" on internet minecraft forums. You are just one of several rude obnoxious participants in a dumb argument in a bad thread that you started. Get that straight before you make any more posts here or anywhere really because I don't care about genders or opinions or beliefs when I sit down to moderate. Just behaviour.


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