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    Hey guys, it's Lady Z, a moderator on this server. Now, if you wish to be approved for the server, a skype session with me is required. I will contact via skype as soon as time allows. Have an awesometastic day!
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    Track Tekkit issues!

    Have issues with Tekkit? Fret not! We have a place in the Bug Reports for you! Please read and follow the [rules incoming soon], so we can enjoy the Bug Reports together and help eachother! Create your report according to the [new Template coming soon]! Tekkit bug reports --> http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/69-tekkit/
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    Hi everyone, I currently have an Attack of the B-Team server. The thing is that the few people who play on it rarely go on, which makes it more like an SSP experience. I'm looking for a few people (2-3) to join the server to make it feel less lonely. Due to maturity reasons you must be 18+. You must not grief (obviously) 'cause, well, it sucks for someone's hard work to be ruined when all they wanna do is play with friends. If you're interested, please PM me your MC username and I will whitelist you and send you the server IP. Thanks!
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    Welcome, I am now accepting more applications, now you're able to sign up let's go Requirements Must have game updated to 1.0.10b RULES Don't Steal No Griefing Ask to enter peoples home Don't ask for admin/mod/op Application Name: Age: In-Game name: How much do you know about the Modpack: Why should i pick you: Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter:
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    Been playing the pack for about 12 hours now, mainly mining. I've noticed a couple of little nit picking points that would make the modpack even more suitable for quick progression. Of course, this is all just personal taste, but I think it would help in the ultimate goal of a video-friendly modpack. 1) Lapis is less common than it ought to be. It's obviously a crazy world if I have found more diamonds than I have lapis. 2) Project Red gems are hard to come by I find. If i ever got into micro-blocks, I imagine this would be inhibiting. 3) Ferrous ore could do with a little more spawning, given it's importance towards the end of TE. 4) (Totally unimportant observation warning) Silver seems a fair bit rarer than lead. Whenever I've played TE in the past, they've always been balanced pretty much the same. This might just be my perception, but is it possible that perhaps lead overrides silver blocks at generation? It's not a huge deal, as I use lead more than silver anyway, but just in case it's not on purpose...
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    Hey everyone, ___Leaf___ here. You may have been on my tekkit server, and that was fun! Well now I have a 90 Slot server, with the Attack of the B-Team modpack and the plugin Factions on it! And YES! it is survival! Anyone that wants to play is welcome, On my servers I encourage amazing builds, keeping the land generally good looking, and making LOTS of jokes! The server ip is: mc7.fadehost.com:25674 Rule wise Im not much of a nag, but I do like it when everyone can respect each other and have a good time. The server will be up permanently for at least a year, so no need to worry about losing your progress, and I have constant automated backups for you. Alittle bit about myself; I'm 20 years old, my skype is dewhiersoux if you need to contact me and I enjoy playing minecraft as a hobby. I have a job, and summer is coming out so why not put up a server for my friends and anyone else that wants to join in! Your friend, Leaf
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    Uses for Redstone in motion?

    Personally I built my Galacticraft launch pad inside a mountain and made a nice sliding roof door, James Bond villan style! I think the biggest use other than drilling platforms is big doors.
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    Well guys I have bad news. The host i use says their server had a "critical failure" and that the data is lost. This will take us a few days to work on but as of right now the world is a total loss. Their response is that they will credit the server for 7 days worth of time for the inconvenience, its almost insulting for the amount of time lost for everyone involved. I will keep everyone updated as we move forward, please give a little bit to see what can be salvaged, but I did not have a local copy of the world file... So I apologize but it will end up being a complete re-install. As always you can hit me up on steam or vent and i will try to help, but i run the server when I am not at work/school so best times to reach me would be 5-10pm weekdays and weekends are kinda random.
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    Rotarycraft replacing Mekanism

    I disagree with your base assumption. There is only a documentation problem with such changes if you allow them. Voltz is a mod pack put together with a certain idea in mind. To put simply, Voltz is build around 3 pillars: UE, Mekanism, and ICBM. If you change any of those, it's really not Voltz anymore. I'm not saying Rotarycraft is bad in any way. It's a very interesting mod which could be quite fun to play. The problem is that it has nothing to do with Voltz. Voltz is Mekanism.
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    LXP Tank Bug

    Delete this please.
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    The New Technic Platform and Launcher

    Because making it easier for people to type in the identifier just makes people scream about it being broken when they mistype something? It's best to copy&paste the pack identifier anyway, so why add extra code to merge strings? Also, the launcher is open source. Nothing is stopping anyone from creating their own platform and hosting their own pack index. If/when that happens, the technic launcher is perfectly capable of using that alternate platform.
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    1.1.4 should work both with and without FMP, and has a new config property to not pick up banned blocks instead of stopping motion.


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