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    Crazy Mad Science Lab[update: 23 Slots!] An Attack of the b-team survival server! As attack of the b-team was created by the evil minds of the b-team, we were created by the generous server host! Banned Items[Yep I know...] 1) MrCrayfish's oven. Reason? Server crashes. [This item is not disabled, and you are allowed to use it. From my knowledge, they only crash once after being placed. Let me know when you are going to place an oven XD] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application IGN: Name(Optional): Age(no limit): Why do you want join?: Skype[Required!!!]: How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?: ------------------------------------------ Rules 1) Absolutely NO GRIEFING!!! - Don't just don't 2) Stealing is BAD!!!!! - You've gotta be REALLY nooby to steal in this modpack! 3) Pranks are allowed just no excessiveness! - Witchery craaaaaap!!!! 4) You MUST HAVE FUN - Do I even have to explain?! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope we can greet some new scientists to our server. --------------------------------------------------------------------- No Plugins, trying to have as little lag as possible! BTW: 12/23 Slots full!!! 11 More players!!!
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    The server group isnt just cool its AWESOME, also i personally prefer to play hexxit, not much for me to do in tekkit lite anymore
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    Big welcome to me new buddy. We will push this project to the new limits of minecraft modding universe. Limits created and overcome by same people. Us. E.R.A.M. will have no competition creating and winning its own era of detailed, functional and massive builds with custom modpacks. Heil...viva E.R.A.M. ! To feed some media-hungry players here is my 1day work. Its underground testing laboratory for my CC programmer. Yes this will be all his and full of CC....ehm....stuff? (seriously he need nothing as we have portable computers now) Front view on entrance tube, middle corridor and control tower. Control tower and air-vents in full glory... A bit of side-shot on 1305blocks long monstrosity. Of course i will add more details. This lady has some sexy legs... ;P More soon!
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    It looks like you're out of memory for the server. If you have a 64-bit OS then get 64 bit Java. This let's you add more memory using that line of code you have in your post. If this doesn't work I don't know.
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    I Love This Server And When Will It Be Up After The Crash??? P.S. Do U Have Any Mods Or Admins On The Server If Not I Would Like To Apply And Thx


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