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    Hey there my fellow Minecraftians, I'm currently working through each mod in the pack making tutorials, the idea is to not just cover them as an attack of the b-team tutorial, but to treat each mod as its own standalone allowing them to be used for any modpack that includes them e.g. Tinkers construct is included in Attack of the B-Team, Hexxit, Big Dig, MoonQuest Reloaded and many more and thus the tutorials are applicable for any of these packs. Mods Covered in this topic Archimedes Ships Advanced Genetics Better Storage Carpenter's Blocks Enhanced Portals 2 Flans Mod Food Plus Mod Galaticraft Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod Necromancy Secret Rooms Statues Sync Thermal Expansion Tinkers Construct (below) Witchery Mod Make AOTBT look beautiful with Shaders Mod First not covered in any of the following videos is how to choose a location and my own personal recommendation is to pic an area with a lot of trees, close to water and if possible easy access to stone, Why? you ask well after seeing the first Tinkers construct tutorial you will realise why. Looking to learn how to get started on Day 1 in any of these packs then you'll want to hit the ground running with the previously mentioned mod, Tinkers construct The Basics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbA6cLqB7tA The Smeltery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4uJMMgugaY
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    The server is for a limited amount of players who enjoy playing tekkit and making power grids,power plants,nuclear reactors... I need help build the server.I provide power in they players houses with fiberglass wires.Currently there are 4 plots that can receive power via the power grid which extentds below the ground.The power grid starts at the Central Power Plant which currently has 4 MFE units and produces power with normal Generators. If you want to be part of the server apply for the whitelist.Applications will be reviewed immediately. Application Form: Name: Minecraft Username: Age: Preffered Tekkit Mod: Are you banned in any server(Y/N):
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    Welcome aboard JordRossWBA. Your builds will be much appreciated on our server.
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    Ok tinno2 I will add you to the whitelist. Welcome to the server!
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    Whenever I try to join a server, the "logging in..." message appears, then Attack of The B-team crashes! can anyone help?
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    All issues belong in the Tracker.
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    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space This indicates you're low on memory Before you go and tell me increase the RAM for tekkit i have in on 15 Gigas out of 16 (i clicked it from the settings at technic luncher) first i tried 6 Gigas kept crashing then 10 then 12 then 15(max) but kept crashing This shows that you're overdoing it. It's not running low on memory, it is running on TOO MUCH memory. Lower it to 1-3gig before it explodes Post issues on the Tracker in the future.
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    Peaceful mobs can only spawn on grass - if you're going over visited areas then there's probably mobs in caves below the surface. If you've got OP access you can use the command /cofh killall to kill mobs nearby (it'll do hostile mobs only if they're around, then peaceful ones if there's none around, then other stuff if there's none of those around). If you don't have OP access you can at least press F3 for the debug screen in order to see how many entities are around (in the top left). You should see that number go up as things spawn or down as you move out of range of them, at least it'll indicate they're around.
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    1: The server only supports a certain number of mobs at once - if there's a lot of other players or you're flying then it's unlikely you'll see them (flying they'll spawn underneath you and be behind before they show up, then you'll hit the cap so when you land there's no more spawning allowed). MCPC+ can alleviate this a little (it clears up distant mobs a bit better but allows plugins like clearlagg that do an even better job than MCPC+ alone). Walking should also fix this. 2: There are several kinds of chisel - you want the one that takes 4 iron in a square shape in the top right corner with a stick in the bottom left for what you're describing (the chisel from the Chisel mod, it sounds like you're using the Carpenters Chisel from the Carpenters Blocks mod). Edit: Thinking of wrong pattern, corrected
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    Howdy! Well that confirmation that you said, that it DL just fine. help me found the reason haha. Good old firewall wanted to be against it lol. Had to kill whole program, Turning it off mode did not made the trick. Thanks
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    Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team

    If it's any help, I think splitting witchery the way you have done is a good way of doing it - I'd imagine it'd be hard to do with less than; (put into a spoiler tag so I don't bloat your thread) Quite a mod - there's more coming, too (Fetishes, Spirits and Death). Edit: Geez- forgot the most important thing - Thanks for doing this for the community! You are of course welcome to ignore anything I say or cherry-pick bits but I'd rather you had the option to ignore it than no info at all
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    [1.7.2] Panic Pack

    I am assuming you are using the single zip file method, you need to have the correct directory structure, you need, at a minimum of two directories in the zip file, bin and mods. In bin, you need to place the forge jar file in and rename it to modpack.jar ... if that file does not exist, the you will get the vanilla 1.7.
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    Recommended server specifications?

    That's really weird, it doesn't look like it's the CPU limiting you - you should be able to get up to nearly 50ms (not including overhead, so ~50ms from that indicator) total tick time before it starts to give you block lag. Is the behaviour the same without those garbage collection flags set? (-XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC) I could imagine they might cause lag spikes (parnewgc is also a bit like aggressiveopts, +UseParallelGC is safer) but I can't think of a way they could cause block lag.. Even if the VPS provider was limiting you quietly you should be able to see the effect in minecraft (like you would in a benchmark) even if they can hide most numbers, so I can't see it being that either. I can't think of anything that points to it from the information so far, and I think you've provided all the relevant information (I can't think of anything to ask for that might help other than playing with those flags and seeing results from that). I'm thinking, I will post back if I come up with anything. Congratulations on your interesting and unusual problem.
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    Look if your having such a large problem with the server go to another server. Its literally very simple to do that. Rather than resorting to abusing glitches and protection that doesn't work correctly join another server that actually has things set up nicely.
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    Then that is a server owner not properly controlling access to items that bypass protections. Permitting access by players to items that bypass protections defeats the whole purpose of putting the mechanisms in place to begin with. Raiding is working within the mechanisms/plugins provided to overcome someone's defenses. Griefing is exploiting some game mechanic or using an item which bypasses a protections mechanism to harass other players and should never be permitted or condoned.
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    Sigh... You're 21, you came onto my server, you then acted inappropriately to kids who are a 3rd of your age, at which point you thought that due to your age you had a right to say what you wanted. You are more of a child then the children who are playing on my server. Feel free to "bash" my server as much as you like, it does not change the fact that you came on, you were rude, you were disrespectful, and you were removed. Any further post by you will just continue showing your immaturity that we had the "pleasure" of seeing earlier. Enjoy your stay on someone elses server.
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    Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team

    Circle Magic - Chalks & Items http://youtu.be/ddYpU0LcARw Second part of the circle magic tutorial can be seen at
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    Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team

    How to create custom mobs with special abilities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUJBZgi3pMQ Well Time for a change and today I wanted to cover a more fun mod... Statues Mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3o-DT4o11g
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    Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team

    Next up on the agenda is Advanced Genetics as this will improve your survivability by allowing you to enhance your genes with DNA collected from the various inhabitance of the Minecraft world. A side note on this one you cannot get abilities from mobs from other mod only vanilla creatures give out genes with abilities but mobs from other mods will give you basic genes which you will also need. Advanced Genetics The basics of advanced genetics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Et-463ZxL4 How to enhance your own dna with special abilities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YCrrFuJzi0
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    Mod Tutorials for Attack of the B-Team

    Tool Forge and creating custom tools and weapons + adding modifiers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmcVM8wExdQ Now getting around in Minecraft has always been a slow process but in Attack of the B-Team and many other mods they provide Archimede ships which allows you to construct boats but more importantly airships (as these can travel over land or sea and allow you to easily survey large areas of terrain) interested? Archimedes Ships http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REEODXXf2uQ&list=PL0myKslMywcfqafGGn5lZcQL0TSk_bZOe The above video covers how to make each item required to make either the ships or airships and show how to construct a basic airship and fly it.
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    Yogbox needs to update!

    I have about a 50% progress. Right now I am messing around with it and looking at more of the mods that were posted in Yogbox. If I just did Yogbox mods I would have 23-28 mods. So I will have 4 packs: Yogbox updated (Just Yogbox mods), Yogbox+ , Yogbox Ultimate, and Yogbox Evolved. Yogbox+ has 40 mods, Yogbox Ultimate has 60 mods, and Yogbox Evolved has 80 mods. Well one 5/21/14 I almost hit the 2000 views mark. Well, I need some ideas for some more mods. I have picked out all the good ones and the ones that are in Yogbox. Please leave a post for a request. I will check on posts in 2 days. (From 4/15/2014) I see posting on this no longer happens, so this page is dead to me. X_X Please bring this back to life, people think I left, but I did not get any more posts. Ok so, I am picking a song for the intro once I learn how to make a video (Never made one). The song is epic, Its is called "With Great Power." All of them will most likely be this song I found it on YouTube. I see that this is still dead and no one looks at this anymore. Well, I might start a new topic to get the views coming in again.


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