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    Hey all, If i was to make a Tekkit Legends server today would anyone of you guys be happy to help me run and keep the clogs turning day to day? If the response is positive i will start up a server tonight EDIT: Server now online during alpha stage! IP is: EDIT: Now 1.0.6! server is working well but im busy today so may not be around i have told my admins to contact me when ready for public! EDIT: Enjin website online with whitelist application there http://mclegendstekkit.enjin.com/forum/m/34336356/viewthread/24329981-whitelist-applications EDIT: Server is now online IP is no whitelist anyone can join! I will not be answering any more applications on this forum
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    Simplify!- A hint of Vanilla! IP: 50 Slots. Due to the lack of Simplify servers, I decided to make one. It's still very much in the works, but it is currently playable! Here's what you currently can enjoy: tpa back sethome hats colorchat Don't have Simplify? Get it here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/simplify-for-minecraft.555169 Server is currently only online on days that end in "Y." Thank you for understanding. We are looking for mature players who want to have a good time. Preferably 14+. This is and adult run server, so swearing should be expected. This forum thread is a WIP. I will be improving it more once I feel the server is "done." Thank you for your time, hope to see you ingame! As of 7:54 CST January 21st. We are now donating 90% of all donations directly to ChildsPlay. The Gaming Charity.
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    I currently am running a tekkit legends private server. We are wanting to build a nice and helpful community To apply to join leave your minecraft username, age and how long you have been playing tekkit for below I will PM you the IP and will white list you if we believe you are correct for the community
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    It is easier to start fresh then try to figure out someone else's vision. and I have my own plans.
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    Cheap Shot


    A Note on Thread Necromancy We've been getting quite a lot of reports lately of people "necroing" old, threads, this is not actually against the forums rules. The only time you need to report a necro is if it's particularly low effort (Responding to a thread that's long long dead with nothing but "Me too" or, "help pls" etc) since that actually violates a rule. Understand that it is a faux pas to resurrect a very dead thread without good reason however and mods reserve the right to punish for lack of good sense.
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    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Just had a fairly hilarious occurrence in Rome: Total War's Grand Campaign. I'm at war with the Greeks, and they'd approached me to broker for peace. The requested a ceasefire, and demanded I gave back Syracuse which I'd taken from them a few turns earlier. Not wanting to do that, obviously, I made a counter-offer. A ceasefire, but they give me Thermon. I did that knowing they wouldn't go for it, we'll go another few years of war, I utterly trounce them, et cetera. They went for it. Of course, now I have a town that's completely isolated and will likely fall within the year, especially as it's surrounded by quite some troops. But I own Thermon. Moral of this story: Do everything you can with as much arrogance as possible. It pays off. (don't listen to that)
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    So, just had this rather coherent dream for once as opposed to the usual mishmash of characters, nonsense dialogue, and 80’s CGI Hollywood effects, so I thought I’d share. Plus I can’t sleep any more now anyways. So, here I was, just chilling out, enjoying playing muh video games, (particularly some sort of fusion of EVE Online, Warframe, and Starmade. It actually seemed like a really cool game.), when for no good reason, I became the target of a good-old-fashioned public internet hate-mob. The reason I had become public enemy no. 1 is because apparently some Mexican father had tried to contact me about helping his obese son to exercise and become healthy. I never saw his message, and apparently that translated into some sort of unforgivable sin against humanity. (shrugs) So anyways, I started being attacked randomly inside said game, (my existence in which was also somehow tied to my ability to listen to Spotify???). First rando or two, I handily blew up, leaving naught but fragments of spaceship and angry-yet-defenseless people. After that, it started to get overwhelming. And then the cavalry arrived. ALL of you guys swooped in, saved my butt multiple times, and we, coordinated via Skype, commenced obliterating noobs and skilled-yet-uncoordinated players alike with extreme prejudice. Lazers flew, bombs whiffed, ships were boarded and Warframes bit the floor. A massive horde of random people were bitterly defeated before the awesome might of our ragtag fleet of ships and crew. After clearing a massive buffer zone around the area of space where I usually was, which apparently no new ships could spawn in, we were enjoying a victory party. We had a pool barbecue. (But in SPACE, so cooler I guess.) When SUDDENLY, we were all teleported into the depths of a massive, and very hostile, enemy mothership/planetoid/thing™. Our escape was epic, and, after judicious use of short-range teleportation techniques to drop missile and laser turret locks, we escaped back into open space. (and got to watch the massive ship explode death-star style for some reason, that was cool too.) After that I guess some pop star must have died again or something, because the public stopped seeming to care about me and everyone went on with their lives. The massive void in the space game we cleared out remained as a testament to what had happened. Real world damage to me consisted entirely of two amusingly benign and delicious vanilla cakes being delivered to my doorstep, already paid for. (I guess this was a very amateur internet hate mob???) Overall, 8/10, still a better love story than Twilight, would buy again.
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    Hey Digeridont420, you seem to have had a bad time However, I do recall almost all of these events you quote, having been there and watched the discussion. I'll try to briefly discuss what actually happened 1. The player was disregarding what the admin was saying, despite said admin having both a job and hobby in the field. after multiple insults from the player, and a high level of disrespect, the player was banned. 2. The player had cheated items. The admin was purely removing the items to stop both an economy and game crash 3. This admin would be Foreen. Nice person she is. At that time, there were several hackers attempting to break the server (from what I could tell). She was going to help the kid afterwards. The bomb threat did not help. And as for playing minecraft, that right there is dedication, not a fault. 4. I at no point remember chests being banned. There may have been things that look like chests, in fact called energy condensers, that were temporarily banned due to exploits. I believe it was fixed later that day. 5.Seeing as you can send a pm to anyone, private messages are treated pretty much the same as global chat. This is a family friendly server. 6. 'According to some people'. People who are probably the same ones that got annoyed at admins for busting their cheat system. 7. Yes, this is called mini-modding, and if you read /rules, you'd know not to try. If it's an admin's job, let the admins do it. They probably were fixing it, then you walked right in and stuffed it up. 8. There is lag. It comes with modpacks. However, due to lag, people spam it. So now admins both have to stop spam, and try to fix lag. Then once they get everyone to be quiet (takes a while), then they can START working on fixing the lag. If anyone is to blame I'd say the people spamming. 9.Nope, nope and nope. Restarts are scheduled every 2 hours, take about a minute, maybe two to start back up, and help with the lag a lot. 10. It's well easy enough to make a quarry, and people will ALWAYS buy diamonds. Plus, with jobs plugin, voting is not the only way to make money. Heck, I'm not even sure what I use money for. And on your 'outro', as it is, you insult admins. And contrary to what you seem to think, you don't get banned for talking, neither are the staff stupid (as you infer, oh look, another insult). Good day, sir.
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    And don't forget to read the quests. They seriously help. Especially if you read them. They have great information that can be obtained by reading.
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    Modding News 2

    MS announced today that they took a huge write-down on their Nokia puchase. It looks like windows phone is dying so the Win10 version is probably just to keep minecraft alive on whatever microsoft portable devices still exist 5 years from now. Also for really young users, hop-in/hop-out 8-player SMP without a server that's compatible with PE multiplayer is a really great feature. Also, this: http://www.technicpack.net/article/technic-thursday-its-thursday-now.117
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    I've been running a server with just me and a few friends for a month or so now and we've decided to open it up to others. small, friendly community. we'll accept anyone who wants to build with us, even if you don't plan on playing a lot. No banned items and very few plugins installed, however we have moderate restrictions which we rely on you to self-enforce in order to preserve the server. Reliable hosting, 99% uptime. hourly backups so griefing is useless. we do have a whitelist so if you answer these quick questions I'll add you and send you the IP. MC username: How much experience do you have with tekkit lite? How often do you plan on playing? Anything else we should know? Thanks, hope to see some of you soon! -Slish
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    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    new phone who dis
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    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    trying to cram as many pokemon as i can into my sticker sheets Its not going well
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    I'd at least swap out the i7 for an i5, very few games can actually make real use of the i7. Either way, I'd recommend waiting for the new generation of GPUs to come out before buying anything.
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    Yay Undertale covers! There's quite alot of them... I don't know much about either places, but I've heard that people from Glasgow tend to smile a lot What are you planning on visiting? Restaurants, pubs, castles, parks, museums etc.?
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    Hello guys i am searching Players who wants to Play with me i have a Server with 20 solt all of you can Play it is a tekkit legand Project who wants to Play with us can write a reply it in the froum you must write: Minecraft Name: For the whitlist i hope you will enjoy it.
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    Ahem. <rant> Personally, the reason I detest "spying" and such is not because I'm particularly worried about the specific entities, for example, MS, NSA, Google, Etc, (Although I do wonder about the NSA sometimes), themselves doing anything bad to me with the data. Like you said, I'm not that important. It's because that data should not exist in the large databases and for the amounts of time that it does. If it exists on a computer, it's steal-able, and thus exploitable, potentially on a massive scale. Imagine what would/could happen if a malicious nation-state or even just some punk kid in <insert politically correct scapegoat nation here> got ahold of even a fragment of the phone metadata database. Or got into XKeyscore. Or found a list of every app, (and, by extension a list of vulnerabilities), installed on a few millions of peoples' phones. Or whatever other ubiquitous database/system that seems harmless at first but turns out to be devastating when you use it the right way. I'm not going to pretend that I somehow live without a smartphone, credit card, the internet, etc. But I'm not going to do nothing and be the low-hanging fruit either. </rant> Anyways, with all the fallout 4 hype, I'm surprised no-one posted this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viYfD2v1uVk Huh, it won't embed. Bizarre.
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    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    HEY GUYS. DO YOU WANNA BUY ART???? http://society6.com/soupa12 I FINNALLY DID IT. (also i need some more design ideas from you guys so go ahead and suggest)
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    Donations vs Item Rewards

    Donation Plugins: I don't use them and would never play on a server which pretends to accept "Donations" when they are really executing a "cash for goods" economic transaction. Look up donation in any dictionary and the general idea is "an act or instance of presenting something as a gift, grant, or contribution". Donation Rewards: If you want to reward players with some token for donation (i.e. the cosmetic mechanics you mentioned) I would have no problem with that as it keeps everyone on a level playing field. Providing a material advantage (items, abilities, etc.) for pay (real world currency) is NOT a donation. It is a financial transaction. This splits a community into two groups: Those who can't or won't pay for an advantage, and those who can/do/will. Personal Thoughts: (since you asked) Expecting, or even ASKING for that matter, other people to pay for your hobby is pretty lame. If you are hosting a server because you enjoy it or think it's cool, go for it. You can have a lot of fun and provide an interesting play-space for other people as well. However, like any other hobby you can think of, this will cost money. Even if it's home-hosted someone had to buy the hardware and electricity ain't free. If you are into boating, would you walk up to random people in a marina and ask them to help you buy a boat if you promise to let them ride on it? You would get laughed out of the place. If you are hosting a server as a commercial, for-profit endeavor you are also welcome to do that. However, Mojang has expressly stated that the "pay to win" and "non-cosmetic" rewards for cash is something they 100% do not want. If you can stay within those restrictions and make a great server/community, then by all means go for it, but don't pretend that you are accepting "donations". Doing so is dishonest and harms the greater MC community.
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    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Once you visit the Kitty Jail, you always leave a little piece of yourself there. That's how they keep doing Pokemon, BTW.
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    I absolutely love this server. Everyone is kind and the staff are helpful. This whole community is great. This server is great. Whether your play style is peaceful, or factions, there's a world for you. And, there's no lag. You guys should all try it out. Join the website here to keep updated or try one of their other servers (there are multiple great servers on this network): http://www.apocgaming.org/home
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    Modpack Testing

    I do a fair amount of modpack testing and debugging, typically in threads posted to this forum. I thought I could demystify the process by sharing some of the steps and tools I use during an evaulation. Testing Environment for Monolithic packs: I keep a "custompacks" folder on one of my drives and made a link to it in Windows Explorer's Favorites to make it easy to navigate into. When someone requests assistance with a pack I copy their API URL (this is why I always ask for it) and paste it into a custom page I maintain for displaying pack metadata (feel free to use it or see what yours looks like: http://www.circlecraft.info/platform ). If the pack download link is valid I save it to custompacks in a subfolder titled as the username of the person requesting assistance. I name the ZIP file the same as the platform (i.e. slug-version.zip). Keeping the version in the filename is important because it permits me to notice when someone is changing their pack contents but not the version number. I then look through the pack to make sure everything looks "normal". Does the pack have the correct modpack.jar file (version, name, contents, etc.)? Does the pack have config files? Are the mods named "correctly" (not renamed, don't look like they came from content scraping sites, etc.)? Do the well known standards (ChickenBones, CoFH, Immibis', etc.) have all their dependencies? Are the mod versions current? I use my BareBonesPack (BBP) ( http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/barebonespack.271497 ) for testing monolithic modpacks (packs which are one big ZIP file download). This allows me to easily deploy a base platform for testing which I know has a working Forge environment. For a new test I will reset the BBP (using this script: http://www.circlecraft.info/bbp/ ) and select the correct version of Forge. I will then copy in the pack's required folders (config, mods, etc.). I then try to launch the BBP. If the pack crashes I will look at the crash report and ForgeModLoader logs (FML logs are in the root folder of the pack for MC <= 1.6.4 and in the /logs/ subfolder for MC >= 1.7.2) to get an idea about what may be causing the crash. This is sometimes quite clear (missing dependency mods, ID conflicts) but sometimes requires reading through Java errors/exceptions. Unless there are dozens of block ID conflicts, or the mods folder is a hot steaming mess I will usually do what is required to get the pack started (update mods, fix dependencies, fix conflicts, etc.) so I can report on that. If the pack launches successfully the first step is to go through the entire FML log and look for glaring issues. Things like mods which completely fail to load (errors reported), item ID conflicts (if MC <= 1.6.4), errors other than missing textures and failures to contact update checkers. I will then try to create an SSP world with the correct world type (like Biomes O' Plenty, etc.) and do some quick checks. Does NEI/Waila/etc. show up? Are there any obviously missing item textures (look through NEI pages)? Do the cornerstone mods allow block placement? Can I successfully change dimensions? Does the pack use an expected amount of RAM/CPU? At this point I will usually write up my findings. Many of you have probably seen them, but here's an example: Testing Environment for Solder packs: It is usually easiest to just add packs to my Launcher when they are managed by Solder. However, I do look around a bit first. My Platform metadata page will provide a link to the direct API URL for the Solder modpack. I will follow this to make sure that things look "normal". I will append the latest version number (i.e. if the latest version is 3.2 I would append "/3.2" without quotes) and make sure that a full mod list shows up. I will usually hit one of the direct mod URLs to make sure the web server is feeding things correctly. Once the pack finishes installing to the Launcher I will examine the pack folder to ensure all the folders look correct (that the modpack.jar in /bin/ is correct, that the config files exist, that the contents of the /cache/modname-version.zip look correct) and perform most of the steps from the Monolithic section above. If everything looks good I will attemp to launch the pack. The analysis steps from here on mirror those from the Monolithic section above except that I would be working in the current pack's folder instead of inside the BBP. Testing Environment for Servers: The first step for server assistance requests is always to do an analysis of the client modpack. If the above steps yield a fully working pack I will continue with the server. I keep a Servers folder in my custompacks folder with pre-built servers (both Forge and MCPC+/Cauldron) for all versions of MC. I will make a new folder for the test server, copy in the required top level folders from the pack (/config, /mods, etc.) then copy in one of these pre-built servers. I then make a new folder in the server folder called client_only and move all the client only mods (minimap, visual animations, etc.) from the server's /mods/ folder. Which mods these are is mostly learned by research and trial/error. However, most (decent) mod authors will state that their mods are client only when relevant (like Damage Indicators). I then launch the server using the Forge JAR as the base. If it starts correctly I will then connect from the client and verify that things are working as expected. If the person requesting assistance has provided crash reports or a test which makes the server crash I will attempt to duplicate that and analyze the results if it does indeed crash. Once everything is working as expected I will report my findings about the client pack, which client only mods must be removed from the server (sometimes mods should work in SMP but don't because they are poorly coded), and any other "gotchas" required to get the server up and running.
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    Here's some info on where and how to get your mods: Here's some info on using my BareBonesPack to build a custom modpack for the platform: Here's some general info on the overall process:
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    It's up to the user who made the pack to contact each dev, Technic will not babysit modpack devs. So no, I highly doubt anyone removed his pack because of permissions. we aren't forced to do anything. Are you lost? This isn't FTB and Watchful11 doesn't "work" here
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    Tekkit (fan?) Art

    I can't stop morphing into a bat because everything is easier.
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    The Hexplore-it creator, mine_my_own_bizz, temporarily lost access to posting here after switching his contact email because the validation system is down. He asked if I would post this here on his behalf. Hexplore-It 1.7.10 will start testing/building now. Find it here and start tweaking. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/testplore-it.551552[1] Bare in mind this WILL be VERY crashy and VERY buggy! This is just meant as a place to start. The only tweaking done thus far has been to make the pack launch-able/playable. I am looking for and feedback as usual but I am more looking for assistance this time. I will need help with configs, key-bindings, mob-spawning limits, drops loot, etc... I could also use assistance soon with ideas for lore and a questing system. I plan to build custom structures to spawn in the world. My hope is to even include custom NPCs in that as well. There are many mods currently included with duplicate components and many mods that are merely for the building of the pack that won't make into the end result obviously. I will probably use this instead of Solder for the time being for simplicity's sake. Feel free to use the discussion tab to conversate on this. Let the long, hard work begin!!!
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    OP here has proven that reading is not a lost skill! I'm glad that my little challenge proved fruitful! Congratulations on winning your thread back!
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    please stop bumping with low effort posts
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    Welcome to Skeleton Hell 2K14

    Get down with the sickness.
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    This can also be done using the TechnicSolder... since the Solder allows to have a single modpack with multiple versions available, each version could theoretically contain an entirely different modpack.
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    Permgen and LiteLoader

    During my time providing support for custom modpacks I have occasionally run across a pack which required PermGen allocation to be higher than the default 128M. I've seen questions about this before so I figured I would make a post about it for folks to gander at, but also so that it would show up when searched for as well. I have also seen posts by folks looking to include LiteLoader in a Technic custom modpack. For 1.7.2+ this is as simple as dropping the LiteLoader jar file into a modpack. For <=1.6.4 it is a bit more involved. The Java arguments which are passed to the client process by the launcher are pulled from the "version.json" file inside the modpack.jar. That file can be edited to provide additional command line parameters such as for PermSize and to include libraries such as LiteLoader. For PermGen space on a server you simply add this to your command line: -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128mThis can be set to whatever you need so bumping it to 256m is straight forward. In the client, since the Launcher will pull the version.json file out of modpack.jar and overwrite the file in the "bin" folder it is necessary to edit the file in the modpack.jar to persist any changes. Simply add the PermSize changes to the parameters at the top of the file like so: "minecraftArguments": "--username ${auth_player_name} --session ${auth_session} --version ${version_name} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${game_assets} --tweakClass cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker",becomes "minecraftArguments": "--username ${auth_player_name} --session ${auth_session} --version ${version_name} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${game_assets} -XX:MaxPermSize=256m --tweakClass cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker",In a similar fashion, it is possible to add the LiteLoader initialization like so: "minecraftArguments": "--username ${auth_player_name} --session ${auth_session} --version ${version_name} --gameDir ${game_directory} --assetsDir ${game_assets} --tweakClass com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweaker --tweakClass cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker",note the addition of: --tweakClass com.mumfrey.liteloader.launch.LiteLoaderTweakerAfter the change to the startup parameters, it is necessary to add a library definition to the version.json file as well. Look for the section right at the top that has this line: "libraries": [then add the following directly after that and before the first existing library definition: { "url": "http://dl.liteloader.com/versions/", "name": "com.mumfrey:liteloader:1.6.4" },For those of you who don't want to go editing your own files I have prepared downloads with the changes already in place. These are Solder ready but can easily be used in your standard modpack by unzipping them. Forge for 1.6.4 Build 965 with LiteLoader: https://copy.com/VJWY16eHefyt?download=1]1.6.4_9.11.1.965_LL Forge for 1.6.4 Build 965 with 256M PermSize: https://copy.com/B0y1EHeTTLwU?download=1]1.6.4_9.11.1.965_PG Forge for 1.6.4 Build 965 with LiteLoader and 256M PermSize: https://copy.com/3zQXwpU4YMR9?download=1]1.6.4_9.11.1.965_LL_PG
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    What modpack are you trying to play?
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    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    I hate minecraft. I recently got on my last playthrough on my own, super-secret, hidden, near-perfect-but-not-flawless modpack.... and I immediately died because my fishing line caught a swordfish by mistake and it attacked and I fell in the ocean and it killed me. The swordfish, not the ocean. So I thought of quickly going through my base to grab some defense and armour and potions for breathing and.... fuck it. I just reload my savefile. Surely I must have saved last time I played? NOOOOOPE! I got back to a save where my base wasn't even finished. Fuck fuck fak fck faaak!
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    Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape

    Bloody hell, Kocken...
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    been playing on this server for a little while and the people and the sever a grate and i have no problems with it i think u should make another just like it but with a different thing like maybe a server all about smelting or just add smelting to this one but if not its ok i like this server
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    This is the best tekkit server i've ever played, has some bugs but pretty good. Thumbs up! -fcgod
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    Help with /sethome

    You want Forge Essentials for 1.7.10, assuming your running a Forge server. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/forge-essentials-74735/files?filter-game-version=2020709689%3A4449 Not bukkit. And don't make a /pluggins folder, they just get dumped into /mods
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    Very good server, been the best server I've played on for 3 years now. Very polished and not laggy. -dumblore
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    Voltz for Dummies

    5/7 haha I get that quote damn you Brendan!
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    Awesome server i love it everyone must join and play Great Owner and realy having fun come and join and play with us :D::D:D:DD
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    You need x64 java, download it from https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Windows Offline (64-bit) then restart your pc and run the launcher again, go to the Launcher settings and set your memory to 2GB, try to run the modpack again ... and post the api link for that modpack.
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    Help me break physics.

    Some designs I've been eyeing are Kalpana One and asteroid core paraterraforming; apparently long O'Neill cylinders, while pretty, are rotationally unstable. Anybody moving around on the inside can make it tumble, so to avoid that they can only be about as long as their diameter. Oh, and we've got something even better (read: more insane) than a ringworld, but I'm keeping it a secret until the big reveal in our "archive" webseries project. Deciding on the placement of the stations is fun too. Obviously we've got Lagrange points, but have you ever heard of Cyclers?
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    Hello! I made a tekkit classic server recently and i need some people to skype and play with! On the server, nobody is opped, and even I am not opped! We will be having a nice a friendly town and make a huge empire! It will be whitelisted. Please List The Following information to join! IGN: Skype Name: Age: Why you want to join:
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    Parental control Mac Yosemite

    Its quite obvious that the parental control is at fault however we are not support for that product. You should try iterating with the person who is the reason why that it was installed instead of relying on cold, distant and heartless systems to do so.


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