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    I appreciate the feedback Nitus, I do wish to make note of the Watch Dogs series of mine. The audio quality is terrible, and I have since deleted the raw footage (it would have taken up about 600GB on its own in raw form and I needed to clear up space for other series) so I cannot do any audio editing to those. I recorded those videos prior to a change in my audio setup and the game audio sounds echoey (which it is considering how it was setup at the time) I reviewed the audio quality over the rogue legacy game, and I understand your points on it. My goal with game audio was to be a bit softer than my voice volume. It appears I was a bit off on what the levels should be and I even notice that up to episode 5. Episode 4 of it seems to have it a bit more balanced, but Ep5 seems to have went the opposite way (not sure why that was since there was nothing changed between ep4 and ep5). As for me not talking sometimes, I do hate having nothing but talky based videos. Sometimes it is enjoyable just to see the game itself with little commentary. There may be a few that prefer this type of style, but it is what I do. I play games for the game, not for myself to be dominating it. If I have a story to tell that follows suit with the game, I have no problem with that, however I do not want to tell a story that has no meaning with the game. I do not wish to tell a story of my own in Rogue Legacy for example, that has nothing to do with knights, mages, castles, etc as in my opinion it detracts from the point of the game. I do agree that one needs to talk with ones audience, make a more personal connection with them, and it is one of my downsides. I am not one to talk about myself. I forget what episode of my minecraft lp it is, but i go over what my goals were for YouTube were overall. It is to better myself in a social aspect and meet new people, with the hopes of also making money off of it in the longer run. Edit: I wish to add a bit more to this post. Until recently, my upload speeds would prevent me from uploading videos on a timely and predictable manner, one of the things I feel is a professional thing for YouTube to do, to have a schedule of some sort. My upload speeds were horrendous, and it would take me 7 to 8 hours to upload one video. This left me very little time to actually worry about getting the balances correct and the like and the quality suffered for it since I was worried about maintaining a video a day at the minimum. I have since obtained better internet speeds overall (7/5 from 1.5/0.8 down/up respectively) so I am able to focus a bit more on the pre-rendering phase. I do listen to my recordings before rendering but not everything is caught as I have plenty of things that distract me irl (housework, etc) that leaves me with forgetting where I left off with a video. I am not trying to make excuses for poor quality, but rather explain why some of the videos have poorer quality than others.
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    Sander Solsvik


    Title: Herobrine Version: 1_0_4 OS: 64-biters Java Version: standar editon Description of Problem: Herobrine have come to my server and he's holding a diamond picaxe and there are only two that playing on my server, and it was not me and it was not my friend! Please fix it! Error Messages: Error Log:
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    Cheap Dedicated Root servers

    Welcome to Davids Reliable Dongmonglers You can purchase your Dedicated servers off me for cheaper then retail you get it within 5 minutes of purchase ofcourse customer satisfaction is 100% You can email me at [email protected] or PM me for details for (definitely not nude) skype if your are interested. Please note all these Dedicated servers are 100% yours to do what ever you do with, you have control over every dong, even the web panel where you can select your linux operating system about 20 of them. for an adistional $15 a month you can have a windows OS which you can connect to using Remote Desktop, as default linux/Ubuntu you will use SSH Please note that the ubuntu/linux it does have a Desktop version where you can visually see and the terminal ofcourse. You will be given Root access. Lets Start with the Services. Dedicated Dong 1. $40 USD a month $55 a month if you want Windows OS. Specs include: Length: 8 inches CPU: Intel i3 -2cores/4 threads- Clockspeed: 3.4GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 Girth: 1.3 inches HardDrive: 2TB SATA2 Bandwidth: 100Mbps - 5TB/month Anti-DDoS Protection Included -Advanced Mitagation- Cores: 2 Visualisation: yes Connection: 100 Mbps Incoming: 100Mpbs Outcoming: 100Mpbs 1 Ipaddress 128 Ipv6 addresses 24/7 Support Dedicated Server 2. $60 USD a month $75 a month if you want Windows OS. Specs include: Length: 10.2 inches CPU: Intel i5 -4cores/4 threads- Clockspeed: 3.1GHz TurboBoost: 3.8GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 Girth: 2 inches HardDrive: 2TB SATA2 Raid 1 Soft - 0/1 Bandwidth: 100Mbps - 5TB/month Anti-DDoS Protection Included -Advanced Mitagation- Cores: 4 Visualisation: yes Connection: 100 Mbps Incoming: 100Mpbs Outcoming: 100Mpbs 1 Ipaddress 128 Ipv6 addresses 24/7 Support Dedicated Server 3. $80 USD a month $95 a month if you want Windows OS. Specs include: Length: 14 inches CPU: Intel i5 -4cores/4 threads- Clockspeed: 3.1GHz TurboBoost: 3.8GHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 Girth: 2.4 inches HardDrive: 2TB SATA2 Raid 1 Soft - 0/1 Bandwidth: 100Mbps - 5TB/month Anti-DDoS Protection Included -Advanced Mitagation- Cores: 4 Visualisation: yes Connection: 100 Mbps Incoming: 100Mpbs Outcoming: 100Mpbs 1 Ipaddress 128 Ipv6 addresses 24/7 Support Dedicated Server 4. $100 USD a month $115 a month if you want Windows OS. Specs include: Length: 22 Inches! CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 -4 cores/ 8 threads- Clockspeed: 3.4GHz TurboBoost: 3.8Ghz RAM: 32GB DDR3 Girth: 3 inches! HardDrive: 2TB SATA2 Bandwidth: 200Mbps - Unlimited Net Anti-DDoS Protection Included -Advanced Mitagation- Cores: 4 Visualisation: yes Connection: 200 Mbps Incoming: 200Mpbs Outcoming: 200Mpbs 1 Ipaddress 128 Ipv6 addresses 24/7 Support All our dedicated servers come with the following services They are located in Canada/USA - Datacentre - FTP - FTP Backup - Remote server reboot - Large choice of operating systems - Save the installation Template - free at-will reinstalling of servers OS - manage SSH keys - Netboot - monitoring 24/7 email/SMS updates - Rescue System - personalised Reverse - Virtualization Pick a plan or ask me question email me at: [email protected] Have a good day!
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    This is something I completely on 100% purely do not understand. For quite a while now, I've seen friendly question threads and other regular threads but then I realize that there are some replies destructively criticizing the thread itself along with the user without any specific reasoning. This is insanely outrageous. Just asking why this is happening.
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    Several mod issues with Hexxit.

    I run APOC Gaming and have 4 servers running. Of course like the tekkitmain release it was filled with problems. Server crashes, errors, client crashes, tps issues, enough lag to choke a camel. All of these issues are from mods that are not coded correctly or are conflicting with other mods. And yet, here we are again... Technic releases another mod pack filled with problems. Does almost no testing, no bug fixes, or even tell the mod authors about issues and have them fix them. So far the mods i have had to remove are: Better Dungeons: The second a chunk is generated with a dungeon spawned by this mod it instantly crashes the client and server. It is not every time it crashes the server but 100% chance to crash the client. Twilight Forest: This mod adds tons of things to chunk generation and causes a huge lagstorm on highly populated servers with people exploring. I have 72 people online right now and with this plugin my TPS was hitting 5 tps. Battle Towers: This mod is cool ill give it that, but kill the boss and the entire thing goes poof. This causes tons of lag and has even corrupted a few chunks already. Dimensional Doors: Seriously guys? After this mod being so horrible on EVERY TEKKIT BUILD why throw it on this one too? This adds more things generated in every chunk and causes extreme lag to the surroundings of those doors. Not to mention it causes players to rage quit servers because they get stuck in limbo for 3 hours. Falling Meteors: A mod that griefs people & spawn 24/7/365... Genius... Soul Shards: Who needs to explore to find food? Not me! I will just infinitely spawn cows & pigs using copies of their souls! Don't get me wrong i love technic, but please guys i beg of you! Make a pack that is bug free! Test it, fix it up, perfect it. So we are not ripping it apart just to fix things that should have been fixed when we downloaded it.
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    Jason Parkinson


    I like Minecraft. Like any toy or game we bought for the kids (of which I have 5 of), I help them play. Seems a harmless enough game, encouraging almost, all is good. There are post nuclear war lessons in survival going on in this game. Hippie harmony civilisations on a new world. Resource based (anyone swap,a pumpkin for 5 wheat type thing), no monetary quagmire, global manipulation or super rich omnipotence. All is good. As this too is my philosophy. In a nutshell, a game I'm more than happy to let Mojang take (x) percent of the responsibility of raising my kids in. An environment he created and I condone. . . . , and all is good. So, why is it that my kids are crying? I never opened a train set or box of Lego or toy garage or anything I was given by my parents that during playing I was crying about. Maybe someone in passing accidentally or devilment caused a minor delay in the imaginary 02:30 departure from London to Timbuktu or delayed the opening of the Lego town fire station by 20mins or so (muuuuuuuum!), thats ok we can fix it also it has recourse. Small one may be but you can stand up to this clumsy interloper, this vandal and challenge them. Better still, mum can challenge them. You got dad (who is superman) the top trumps of all the top trumps in your back pocket. Don't make me get dad out. I think you can see where I might be going with this. What is the worst enemy on minecraft? Creepers, dragons, lava. Another player is the answer. No doubt. From an inadvertent command block on an unsupported mod, to a deliberate bucket of lava on a neighbours wooden house, another player is the worst enemy on minecraft. . . . and my kids cry. Like the three little pigs we shall build with obsidian, we are griefed and they cry. So hey, tekkits is born and the binary world turns. Server protection aside, we have force fields and yeah we shall build them two deep for we have been tricked by griefers who say they are our allys, who set home here, then come back with others when we are offline and break our stuff and make the kids cry (we are getting to the point now). So we know our minecraft in this house, we know what other players are like. there is no naïveté here in playing minecraft. My boys recently built a house, a factory and a quarry. 2 pet golems a three deep force field around it. All day they played this game and by bedtime with thoughts of the things they had done and would go on to do in that place they witness two donators enter their house and smash the hell out of it all. And the kids cry. So what is the point? Not my point, I know what my point is. I mean what is the point in this game at all. You teach us to live in love, sharing in a universe of , . . . . blah blah LSD hippie dogma Ender dragon diatribe. You give us the power to stop griefers ie;a forcefield, then take it away. Worse than anything you take it away for MONEY! You are teaching kids that all the effort and skill and perseverance in the world doesn't amount to anything compared to having money. Sick of watching my kids cry. This game is worse than any other game that I can think of and going in completely the wrong direction. Donators are the most awful bastardisation of this once beautiful game.
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    0% downloed retries remaining:0 HELP ME I NEED HELP I CANT EVEN START THE DOWNLOAD


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